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Major glitches of the Pokémon series
"Core" glitch Variants and Consequences
Arbitrary code execution see template, remote, cart-swap, unintended ROM code execution
2x2 block encounter glitches Left-facing shore tile glitch (in-game trade shore encounter trick, old man trick, Trade link up shore encounter trick, Fight Safari Zone Pokémon trick)
99 item stack glitch ­
Bad clone glitch ????? party overloading (Type 0xD0 move glitch, ????? map corruption, Celebi trick, Celebi Egg trick, Shiny Celebi trick, glitch move map corruption, overloaded party map corruption, Glitch Unown (Glitch Unown map corruption) Duplicate key items glitch (infinite items and item creation, expanded Balls pocket (TM/HMs outside of the TM/HM pocket, Glitch Pokédex categories))
Berry glitch
Bug-Catching Contest data copy glitch (Japan only)
Ditto DV manipulation
Elite Four door glitch (Japan only)
Expanded party encounter table manipulation
Glitch City Safari Zone exit glitch, RAM manipulation
Glitch meta-map script activation (Generation I)
Infinite Master Balls (Colosseum)
Large storage box byte shift glitch storage box remaining HP glitch, maximum stat glitch
Item duplication glitch
Item stack duplication glitch Generation I expanded items pack (Glitch Rocket HQ maps, Map FE (English and non-English European Yellow), Map script pointer manipulation (arbitrary code execution, map script pointer item ball manipulation), Text pointer manipulation (arbitrary code execution, item ball manipulation, mart buffer overflow), Trainerless instant encounter glitch
Transform held item glitch (Japan only)
Mimic glitch (Japan only)
Out of bounds Glitch City (Generation II) Slowpoke Well out of bounds corruption (French version)
Lumiose City save glitch
Pikachu off-screen glitch Trainer corruption glitch
Pokémon merge glitch
Pomeg glitch Pomeg data corruption glitch
Roaming Pokémon encounter glitch
(Mimic) Transform Rage glitch
Select glitches (Japan only) Closed menu: Dokokashira door glitch (international), Fossil conversion glitch (international), Second type glitch, Skip to Level 100 glitch, Trainer mutation glitch, walk through walls (international) Special menu: Lift glitch, Badge describer glitch)
Sketch glitch
SRAM glitch (Generation I) 255 Pokémon glitch, send party Pokémon to a new game
SRAM glitches (Generation II) Mailbox glitches, Mystery Gift item corruption, Trainer House glitches
Surf down glitch Grass/rock Surfing glitch (Spanish/Italian only) (adaptions: Submerge glitch (international), 8 8 (0x7C) grass/rock surfing glitch (English Red/Blue))
Time Capsule exploit
Trainer escape glitch Death-warp, Mew Trick, Ditto Trick, Experience underflow glitch
Buffer overflow techniques Japanese unterminated name glitch item instant encounter glitch, LOL glitch, Rival LOL glitch, Instant LOL glitch, RAM LOL glitch, oobLG, blockoobLG, Instant encounter infinite chain glitch (LGFly)), Super Glitch (Generation I) (party remaining HP glitch), Super Glitch (Generation III), Text pointer manipulation mart buffer overflow glitch, CoolTrainer♀-type move, Double distort CoolTrainer♀ corruption, Yami Shop glitch
Walk through walls ledge method, museum guy method, Rival's effect, Select glitch method (international), Brock Through Walls
ZZAZZ glitch party Pokémon box data shift glitch

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oobLG in Pokémon Yellow being used to catch a Hitmonlee with 43 Rare Candies.
This article is incomplete. Please feel free to add any missing information about the subject. It is missing: Steps for Pokémon Red and Blue.

oobLG (out of bounds LOL Glitch) is a mass Pokémon farming glitch technique that was put together for 151 "catch em all" speedruns of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. It is a glitch that takes careful preparation to set up and use, and makes use of an indoor RAM Glitch City.

The glitch exploits an unterminated name glitch Pokémon in a specific Glitch City to write data to D059, which is normally impossible with other English screen data based techniques (including CoolTrainer and unterminated name glitch item abuse) due to the relevant screen tile always being 7C and resulting in a Hooked Metapod.

It allows the player to catch Pokémon with IDs under 200. Like the Trainer escape glitch, IDs 200 and up will become Trainers.

A slightly different version of oobLG known as blockoobLG allows the player to obtain certain Pokémon as well by modifying D059 as well, including Dratini and Kabuto who are normally unavailable with oobLG due to their IDs corresponding with control characters.

The foe (D059/8) controlling screen tile, which can be manipulated from an item quantity

For Pokémon Red and Blue

A walkthrough for the glitch in Red/Blue is yet to be posted on this wiki, but Shenanagans Smash has a Youtube tutorial on how to perform oobLG on Red/Blue.

YouTube video by Shenanagans Smash

For Pokémon Yellow

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL


oobLG requires certain Pokémon and many specific items in the expanded items pack.


1) "MASTER BALL" Rhydon deposited, or another unterminated name glitch Pokémon.

2) A Pokémon with a certain move 4. Counter happens to work.

Items (enable the specific map corruption)

3) Item 2 (D320) must have a quantity of D0 (dec:208): Very important so the $80 glitch item gets a specific name. You can leave your own item with this quantity.

4) Item 3 (D321)= $50 (Ether): Terminates $80's name earlier so that its tile do not overlap the $50 on the map.

5) Master Balls x(number of Pokémon you want) at slot 1. Must be in slot 1 as the slot 1 item will be automatically selected.

6) [Will receive during these steps] [ITEM] x 20h (dec:32) (@D35D, D35E) - Instead of having this item in our inventory, toss 2 at the $D35D, D35E address to get (x 20h) after taking two steps west and two steps south.

7) TM43 ($F3) x 04 (@D35F, D360 - Map blocks location byte 2, y-position - item 34/item 34 quantity).

8) Ice Heal ($0D) x 00 (@D361, D362 - x-position, y-block - item 35/item 35 quantity).

9) "x"($00) x 02 (@D363, D364 - x-block, exit destination for exit mat, item 36/item 36 quantity).

10) Potion ($14) x any (@D347, D348 - money bytes 1 and 2 - item 21 quantity and item 22). - First block to the left, last from the north that fully shows will be the $14 block, which contains a $50 in its upper half and is located after the coordinate that controls D058 (y=0C, x=0A), specifically at (y=0F, x=00).

11) Item 16 quantity (D33C) should be 11h (dec:17). Makes player currently on a walkable block and makes their sprite not hidden. Solves a 'can't use PC' problem that happens if you save and reset after you sprite is hidden.

Rival name items ($D349+):

These contain "6F", Rare Candy x(any), $80, and items that additionally control $80's name such that the ID of one of the characters printed in its name at y=0C x=0A (before "PC") will control D058 after the 6F and long-name Pokémon trick).

11) Super Potion ($13) x 5D (dec:93) (@D349, D34A) - item 23, item 23 quantity. This may be a different item x 5D; the item will control which Pokémon appears for a slightly different glitch called blockoobLG that enables you to get a few Pokémon with indices between 1-190 unavailable with regular oob LG.

12) Super Repel ($38) x 5D (dec:93) (@D34B, D34C) - item 24, item 24 quantity.

13) Paralyz Heal ($0F) x 5E (dec:94) (@D34D, D34E) - item 25, item 25 quantity.

14) Rare Candy ($28) x [any] (@D34F, D350) - item 26, item 26 quantity.

15) "6F" ($5B) x 01 (@D351, D352) - item 27, item 27 quantity.

16) "88" ($80) x 40 (dec:64) (@D353, D354) - item 28, item 28 quantity.


1) Go to Pewter City Pokémon Center. Have the unterminated name glitch Pokémon deposited in the first position in a box.

2) Deposit a Pokémon with Counter as its fourth move into that box. Other move 4s may work for this glitch too, but not all of them.

3) Take 2 steps left, 2 steps down.

4) Swap the specific map corruption items and Rival name items into their positions. Note: Potion x0 may require swapping original Potion at D365 one slot down first.

5) Make item 2's quantity D0. Make item 3 Ether.

6) Go to the Rival name item region and have 6F as the third item on the list, $80 the fourth item on the list.

7) Adjust the Rare Candy quantity (which will appear as the second item on the list) to a Pokémon ID.

8) Face up, use 6F and press A again to bring up the PC.

9) Withdraw, view Counter Pokémon's stats, and Rhydon's name should change.

10) Press A on the unterminated name Pokémon, and back out of the PC with B and you should get an encounter based on the Rare Candy quantity.

11) Save and quit on the 12th time to avoid the chance of a stack related glitch (apparently soft reset freezes the game but guarantees that your game was saved correctly).

12) To escape, change D366 (item 37 quantity) to 00 to be able to Fly away. Changing it to 03 may also allow you to Dig or Escape Rope away.


Though this glitch was dubbed "oobLG" this may be misleading because it is not required for the player to escape from a Trainer battle through a glitch item such as Lg-, nor is CFD8/7 (enemy Pokémon in battle) being adjusted.