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Safari Zone exit glitch
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The Safari Zone exit glitch, commonly known as the Glitch City glitch is a glitch where the player changes the destination of the exit in the Safari Zone gate, causing the player to either step out of a certain building or into a wrong warp Glitch City.


When the player performs this glitch, the memory address D365 (the exit location for certain warps) is changed to something other than Fuchsia City (007) in a number of instances. It is normally the expected exit location, though flying to a place also updates D365 to the value of that location.

  1. When you fly to a place.
  2. When you enter a cave entrance/exit.
  3. When you enter the Summer Beach house (Yellow only).
  4. When you enter a gate.
  5. When you enter an Underground Path entrance/exit
  6. When you enter the Power Plant.
  7. When you enter the Pokémon Center on Route 4.
  8. When you go from one route to another (indoor places don't count as a second route). Though the change is not immediate, it happens when you are sent back to the Safari Zone gate.

Whenever the player enters the south warp of the Safari Zone gate, the game places the player in 'exit point' hex:04. For Fuchsia City, this is valid, and it has the player walk out of the Safari Zone building.

For other maps for D365, exit point hex:04 may also be valid, for example, after the player performs the Safari Zone exit glitch with Cerulean City they will step outside of the Bike Shop and no Glitch City will be caused. There may not be a valid exit point hex:04 for maps such as Sea Route 20 though, so the game may load a Glitch City after trying to use the invalid exit point data.

These Glitch Cities are not unique 'glitch areas', but rather glitchy versions of existing maps. This can be confirmed by tracking the memory address D35E (the current map location) or viewing the Town Map; the location or location name will be the same as the location you were in before the PA called you to say your Safari Zone time was over.


Step 1:


Enter the Safari Zone.

Step 2:


The player must then try to leave. When the man at the desk asks if them want to leave early, they should say no. The player's character will automatically walk back into the Safari Zone.

Step 3:


Once inside, the player must save the game.

Step 4:


The player should then restart their console, and attempt to leave the Safari Zone again. If the trick worked, the man at the desk should say what he normally says when players try to enter the Safari Zone. The player should, at this point, say no; they should then exit the gatehouse.

Step 5:


The player must then go somewhere else (outside of Fuchsia City), updating D365 (exit location) in one of the ways mentioned above in the explanation section and walk around for a while. After 500 steps, the PA will sound: "Ding-dong!" just as if the player were still in the Safari Zone. The player will then be returned to the Safari Zone building, regardless of where they were before.

Step 6:


When the player exits the gatehouse, they will find themselves walking out of a certain warp for the D365 map, or a Glitch City. All Glitch Cities differ based on the location you were when the time ran out, but going from one indoor map to another will not change the location.

Alternative method

In Pokémon Red and Blue, you can enter the Safari Zone with just a poisoned Pokémon (ideally one with Fly) and black out, to get the PA message out of the Safari Zone after you finish walking the remaining steps. This trick was patched in Pokémon Yellow, which makes the game think that you're no longer in the Safari Zone after you black out there.

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