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Welcome to the Glitch City Laboratories wiki! We are a Pokémon fansite dedicated to the various glitches and quirks of the game series.

We have 3,526+ pages.


Glitch City Laboratories is in the process of shutting down its forums and wiki and transitioning to a read-only archive. To this end, the wiki has been locked so non-administrators cannot edit it.


  • Major glitches — The most powerful glitches, such as those that allow you to obtain any Pokémon in the game.
  • Glitches by generation — A parent category of seven categories of Pokémon glitches by generation. Useful for looking up any particular glitch.
  • The Big HEX List — A reference table for index numbers and matching Pokémon, items, moves, characters and Game Boy ASM opcodes!
  • Reference documents — Pages not directly related to glitching, but containing info on topics such as other exploits, easter eggs, unused content, GameShark codes, in addition to how and why it all works.

More links can be found on the sidebar.


xx GCL Epilogue Update #2: New Member Registrations Disabled

July 29, 2020, 12:29:01 pm by Abwayax
To prepare for the shutting down and archival of the forums, registration of new members has been disabled on the forums.

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xx GCL Epilogue Update #1: Wiki Lock and PM Export

July 27, 2020, 03:07:07 am by Abwayax
Hello everyone! This is the first of a few updates on the "epilogue" of GCL and what will happen in the future.

Wiki Lock
We are preparing to create an archive of the wiki. In preparation for this, the wiki has been locked to non-admin edits. In the future the wiki will be replaced with a static HTML archive and a data dump.

PM Export Tool
We are also preparing to create an archive of the forums. Like the wiki archive, this will be a static HTML archive of all the public boards (minus the Lab Omega category). Because this archive includes public information, PMs will not be included. Therefore, there is a PM export tool available at this URL:

This is simply a script that dumps all PMs sent to and from the current logged-in user to a static HTML file in your browser, which can be saved using your browser's Save Page feature.

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July 12, 2020, 09:25:08 am by Photon-Phoenix
In an effort to preserve the sixteen years of clean room research on GCL following the source code leaks of the first four generations of Pokémon games, we will be reverting the wiki to March 31st on the affected articles. Additionally, the wiki will then be completely locked, archived, and exported to a format that is easily importable to a fresh Mediawiki installation. Two weeks after the archival of the wiki, the forums will also be locked and archived. On July 31st, the current Discord will remain open, however the current on-topic channels will be archived, the purpose of the discord as a glitch research area effectively derailed, and the ownership handed off to someone we will not disclose until that time.

The goal of this process is to allow a new community to form in GCL's place. Our Discord and the site splash page will act as a redirect to any community that forms.

Since the source codes were leaked, it became apparent that, being as open as GCL is, any new contributions to the first four generations Pokémon games, and to an extent generation five, would always carry a risk that the contributor would be providing tainted data by reading from the source code themselves. Rather than accepting this fact, allowing this data to intermingle with our research from the last sixteen years, it was decided to pass along our work to any community willing to continue it with the knowledge that any further contributions would always come from dubious origins. Anyone who wants to form that community as a replacement to GCL has the right to do so.  We are offering our data as a base to build upon in this new era, one which GCL will not be a part of.

This is the end of operations of Glitch City's Laboratories, however this is the beginning of the greater Glitch City Metropolis.

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xx Clarification on Recent Events

December 25, 2019, 10:37:30 pm by Ganix
Okay, so I haven't exactly been up-front or honest with everyone, and I want to explain the situation and clear up any confusion and ambiguity behind things. I'll only post the immediately relevant information to keep this post as concise as possible, and I'm open to talking about anything that requires additional explanation or clarification.


Back in March of 2018, an individual hacked into Nintendo's internal network, and Nintendo found out about the intrusion in May 2018. That individual goes by multiple names online, but the one relevant here is the name Wack0. This is the only name aside from my own that I will be specifically mentioning.

In May of 2018, Wack0 assumed the mantle of the anonymous figure known as "__" and uploaded a mysterious ROM to the PRET Discord server with only 20 available downloads. This ROM happened to be the Space World 1997 prototype of Pokemon Gold and Silver ("SW97"). Those who were known to have downloaded the ROM were quickly added to a private team called Team Spaceworld ("TSW"), which was the same team that was planning on making a translation of the SW97 ROM.

I was part of TSW too, as was Wack0 -- from this point forward, any further mention of "Wack0" will be referring to his anonymous persona known as "__".

There were many Pokemon-related things that Wack0 had come into possession of, including tools used to make the games, development versions of the games, and even source code for the games. He entrusted some of what he had with certain individuals, whether that be knowledge, tools, or data. Many believed that he wanted some of that to get out publicly at some point; I personally believe that he wanted a lot of it to get out, but certainly not _all_ of it, although nobody can really know for sure. I was one of those people he entrusted things with.


In February of 2019, a group named Helix Chamber, which is a group dedicated to preserving and analyzing Pokemon history and media, announced that the ROM that was played at Pokethon by RacieB was created using prototype assets left over from development of Pokemon Red and Green, which was given to them by an anonymous donor, and that only the backsprites of scrapped Pokemon were given to them without the accompanying front sprites.

The truth is that I was the one who gave them those prototype assets. I was careful not to include any actual data from the game or any game assets, but rather interpretations of those assets, such as including the backsprites as PNG files instead of the actual files that the game uses for backsprites.

Unfortunately, GAME FREAK developed a newer, more efficient method to store front sprites (it was probably just raw data instead of encoded data originally), so the front sprites for those Pokemon literally just did not exist after the front sprites underwent optimization. The only reason the backsprites survived was because they didn't undergo the same optimization. If anyone was hoping for the front sprites for those Pokemon, then the only viable option would be to ask GAME FREAK what they looked like.


In December of 2019, the early sprites for a lot of Gen IV Pokemon were leaked online. I was the anonymous source of the sprites, and again I only transmitted them in an interpreted form instead of any actual data from the game or any game assets. These sprites are from January 2006, approximately 8 months before Pokemon Diamond and Pearl released in Japan. The only reason I can guess as to why Shellos and Gastrodon weren't in the list is because they probably weren't in the game yet.


In summary, the Pokemon Red and Green assets are real, and the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl sprites are real as well. I have nothing else in my possession, and I've shown everything I did have.

I deeply apologize for letting this go on for as long as it has; I haven't felt right about this from the very beginning, and it's a burden I'm finally glad to rid myself of. I've withdrawn from the dev/proto scene entirely, and I've recused myself from the actively participating in the Pokemon Gen 1-7 glitching scene. Additionally, both Wack0 and myself will be stripped of any and all ranks on GCL following this announcement, although I still plan to remain active and participate however I can.

Again, I didn't plan for things to get this out of hand or cause negativity of any kind -- I wanted to give people a glimpse of "what could have been" and the amount of work and detail that went into some of these in any way that I could, but even acknowledging their existence may have been saying too much, and I sincerely apologize for all of this.

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xx Happy Holidays from GCL!

December 24, 2019, 07:50:15 pm by Sherkel
Glitch City Laboratories, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you've been, wishes you happy holidays this 2019!

We also extend a warm welcome to those playing Sword and Shield, which lived up to the expectation of having a handful of bugs being the series's first iteration on the Switch, some benign, but some potentially exploitable...check out either the forum section on Generation VIII glitches, Torchickens's cursory roundup on what's been observed so far, or of course her YouTube channel. As usual, Discord is probably bustling.

Whether you're inside a wall in Galar, deep in Sinnoh's void, or a hundred items down in an extended menu, remember that the holiday spirit shall still shine through!

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