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From Glitch City Laboratories

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Disclaimer: While we deconstruct the Pokémon games, we do not endorse cheating which may be against Nintendo's terms of service, nor video game emulation of unauthorised video game copies, nor anything which violates technological protection measures (e.g. custom firmwares) which may be illegal. Hence readers are to make use of the information on this website at their own risk.

Welcome to the Glitch City Laboratories wiki! We are a Pokémon fansite dedicated to the various glitches and quirks of the game series.

We currently have 3,276+ pages, however we are still growing, and are in need of both new articles and further information on existing articles.


  • Major glitches — The most powerful glitches such as those that allow you to obtain any Pokémon in the game.
  • Generational glitches — A parent category of seven categories of Pokémon glitches by generation; useful for looking up a particular glitch.
  • The Big HEX List — A reference table for index numbers and matching Pokémon, items, moves, characters and Game Boy ASM opcodes!
  • Pokémon GameShark codes — GameShark and Xploder cheat codes for the Generation I and Generation II Pokémon games. These can help for easily setting up and researching glitches, hacking in specific Pokémon you want or can be used just for fun.
  • Natural glitches — Many glitches are derived tricks from a parent glitch. This category is for glitches that do not require another glitch to work.
  • List of exploits to obtain Mew — The first and second generations of Pokémon in particular have multiple encounter glitches; these are all confirmed ways to obtain a Mew.

More links can be found on the sidebar.


We appreciate all help for the wiki.

Before editing we suggest that you should check out our manual of style, learn what is expected of articles at GCL, and read about our article validation.

If you are new to wiki editing the MediaWiki help documents are a good place for information on how to edit wikis in general.


xx Apologies for the recent downtime

November 11, 2018, 01:52:55 am by Abwayax
The server was offline since Thursday due to a migration performed by the hosting company, that left the server unable to boot. I had to reimage the server and set it up using the new platform.

This is my fault, because they had been sending me emails about this ahead of time and I put it off. I am sorry for the inconvenience.


Dear Gandi Customer,


We are sending you this reminder, you because you are still using our
HVM platform to host at least one server in our Luxembourg data center

As we previously announced - - we are phasing
out HVM in favor of Xen.

To this end, we invite you to migrate to our Xen platform before Monday,
October 1, 2018, so that the following servers may benefit from the
performance and stability enhancements of the Xen platform:


If you would like to migrate to Xen, you just need to follow the steps
outlined in our documentation here:

This migration requires running a script from the server or servers you
want to migrate and then rebooting them, modifying the boot method used.

Whether or not you choose to migrate ahead of time, starting on Monday,
October 1, 2018, our team will begin changing the kernel themselves,
along with rebooting the server. However, since we do not have access to
your server, we cannot run the script referenced above for you.

As such, we cannot guarantee that everything on your server will run
properly following our intervention.

Please note that the migration between platforms will not impact the
billing of your server.

Of course, our Hosting Support team is available to answer any questions
you might have about migrating from HVM to Xen or any other topic,
related or not. Feel free to contact them here:


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xx Glitch City Laboratories 18.09

September 04, 2018, 01:31:15 am by Abwayax
It's been a long time coming but GCL 18.09 is finally live. Highlights:

  • MediaWiki updated to 1.31
  • Authentication bridge significantly rewritten. Should mean no more "loss of session data" errors. Finally!
  • Emails are working (tested myself).
  • Username (not display name) changes are now possible, on a case-by-case basis. Your password will be reset and a new password emailed to you. Some users have had their usernames changed by request.
  • Some buggy and/or unmaintained wiki extensions are now removed.
  • A working "Printable view" is now available for all wiki pages. In printable view, the header and sidebar are stripped out, as are the article action links (talk page, edit, etc)

Some maintenance is also being done this week (namely in the area of wiki accounts). Old wiki accounts have been merged together and all wiki accounts with zero edits have been deleted. Don't worry, if you have a forum account a wiki account will be automatically created for you, so this was more to get rid of stale wiki accounts that no longer map to a forum account and also to spam accounts (back when the wiki had open registration for some reason...)

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xx Original Dex trilogy (GlitchDex, AttackDex, ItemDex) completed in MediaWiki form

February 23, 2018, 01:12:13 pm by Evie Torchic the Glitch Scientist
It took a while, but the GlitchDex, AttackDex and ItemDex pages have now been converted into MediaWiki format with information that they were missing before.

Due to many of the glitch moves in the AttackDex being virtually the same between Red/Blue/Yellow, some of the AttackDex articles have been moved to have the format RBY indicating they are the same between Red/Blue/Yellow instead of just Red/Blue.

I took the time to do this with the TypeDex as well, and also create a stub for the StatDex (documenting glitch stats which can be changed by glitch moves).

From now on I will be working on finishing the UnownDex in depth including details like induced Trainer House trainers and Mystery Gifts (which will take relatively a lot of time to complete), and adding missing articles for the TrainerDex.

TMHMDex (wrong pocket TM/HM data), DexDex (glitch Pokédex modes) and PhoneDex (glitch Pokégear contacts) may follow.

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xx Welcome to Glitch City Laboratories 18.02

February 07, 2018, 08:53:46 pm by Abwayax
As prophesied, the update has arrived. The main feature is that MediaWiki and SMF have both been updated to the latest version, which was harder than it seems.

Also, the mapping between forum accounts and wiki accounts has been changed such that the wiki now goes off the user's username and not display name. There is a convenient parser function {{#displayName:<username>}} that can produce a display name given a username, and more work will be done to show user's display name where possible. Also, as a result of this, edits from old wiki accounts may need to be reattributed to the current username manually (I think this is something only I can do on the backend).

Please let me know of any problems that occur with the update.

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xx English Generation I and II GlitchDex wiki transition complete

October 21, 2017, 04:28:23 pm by Evie Torchic the Glitch Scientist
Today all of the articles in the GlitchDex for Generations I and II have been updated and completely re-structured to have proper MediaWiki formatting.

In addition, we have included various obscure technical details about these glitch Pokémon for you to enjoy. :)

This does not mean the English GlitchDex is entirely complete, as we still have to create a database for glitch palette attribute bytes and input the data, and there are bound to be errors and omissions elsewhere.

I will begin work from now on finishing the AttackDex and ItemDex, starting with the ItemDex. As always any help no matter how small is certainly welcome.

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