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Elite Four door glitch
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Major glitches of the Pokémon series

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Please note that this glitch only exists in the Japanese versions of the game, or is otherwise a glitch
from a Pokémon game which was only released in Japan.
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A player about to surf through Elite Four Aaron's door in an older revision of a Japanese version of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

In older revisions for the Japanese versions of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, a player can surf through the Elite Four door south of the map corresponding to Elite Four Aaron's room. By using this somewhat simple glitch, players could access several areas previously unknown to most people including the placeholder maps known as the Mystery Zones and even areas normally unobtainable without a special Nintendo event such as Flower Paradise and Newmoon Island.

After surfing through the Elite Four door the player could simply land and walk through the blank areas outside of the map until they reach areas that correspond to normal locations within the game. To reload the map data he or she could then use the Explorer Kit and then restart the game.

However, since the Explorer Kit is required to make good use of this glitch it is recommended that the player takes every step with caution as upon using the Explorer Kit the game will save. Therefore one small mistake could lead to the player becoming trapped underneath or on top of an object.

This glitch was often named the 'Darkrai and Shiemi glitch' ("Shiemi" is a romanization of Shaymin's Japanese name) as most people who have used this glitch have performed it to catch Darkrai and Shaymin by navigating to Fullmoon island or Flower Paradise.


  1. At least 8 badges.
  2. A Pokémon with the move Surf.
  3. Optional, a Pokémon with the moves Fly, Teleport and Dig in case you get stuck inside a cave or route.

Procedure for catching Shaymin - Japanese Diamond/Pearl (Fly is needed)

  1. Have at least 8 badges and head for the Elite Four.
  2. When you get to Elite Four Aaron's door use Surf, you will Surf through the door.
  3. Move one step down to land into the 'void'
  4. Cancel your step counter to check how many steps you have taken.
  5. Move exactly 200 steps to the right. (The step-counter should display '200')
  6. Move exactly 363 steps downwards. (The step-counter should display '563')
  7. Move exactly 722 steps to the right (The step-counter should display '1285')
  8. Move exactly 19 steps to the left (the step-counter should display '1304'.)
  9. By using the Map in your Key Items Pocket ensure that you are directly North of Route 224; otherwise restart your game immediately and start try the glitch again to prevent any possibility that you are stuck on top or underneath of an object.
  10. Use the Underground Kit to go underground.
  11. Immediately resurface back into the ordinary game map.
  12. You should now be in a Mystery Zone; move north but immediately stop when the music changes to that of Flower Paradise (a few steps)
  13. Look at the map and then immediately close it to fix any glitchy graphics.
  14. Run northwards until you find Shaymin.
  15. Save the game and attempt to catch Shaymin at level 30.
  16. After catching Shaymin use Fly to escape the route as otherwise it is impossible to escape.

Procedure for catching Darkrai - Japanese Diamond/Pearl (Fly is optional)

  1. Have at least 8 Badges and head for the Elite Four.
  2. When you get to Elite Four Aaron's door use Surf, you will Surf through the door.
  3. Move one step down to land into the void
  4. Cancel your step counter to check how many steps you have taken.
  5. Move exactly 146 steps to the right. (The step-counter should display '146')
  6. Move exactly 254 steps downwards (The step-counter should display '400')
  7. Use the Underground Kit to go underground.
  8. Immediately resurface back into the ordinary game map.
  9. The graphics are now glitched; load up the map in your Key Items Pocket and then immediately close it to fix any glitchy graphics.
  10. You should now be on Newmoon Island, head left and then north to enter a forest where Darkrai should be.
  11. Save the game and attempt to catch Darkrai at level 40.
  12. After catching Darkrai either fly off the island or take the nearby ferry to return to Canalvale City.

See also

  1. Tweaking - a glitch that also lets the player enter the void and catch Darkrai and Shaymin, working in all English revisions of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.
  2. Out of bounds - An article about going 'out of bounds' within the Pokémon games in general.
  3. Mystery Zone - Any of several hundred placeholder maps existing in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl.

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