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Glitch Unown
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Glitch Unown are invalid Unown in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal that can only be found in Unown Mode of the Pokédex through glitching or hacking.

They cannot exist as usable Pokémon, because every set of DVs counts as a valid Unown letter.[citation needed]

Some variants of these glitch Pokémon have indecipherable sprites, kind of like glitch Pokémon from Generation I. Others such as the Gold/Silver:254 kind use a sprite that shows all Unown icons from A-Y in five columns, in a 'down, then next column' order. Other glitch Unown are a combination of both of the possible appearances explained above.

Many of the glitch Unown cannot be seen as they either freeze the game, or reset it into a Glitch Dimension.

Glitch Unown are different between Gold/Silver and Crystal.

In Pokémon Crystal, at least the hex:FB glitch Unown has a sprite that looks like a corrupted version of another Pokémon's sprite (i.e. Noctowl for FB).

A notable glitch caused by a glitch Unown is Ilsty and ?. The game will switch to the evolution screen and act like a Pokémon named "Ilsty" is evolving into a Forretress, and then have a Graveler named "?" evolve into Golem.

Obtaining Glitch Unown

Glitch Unown can be obtained in Gold/Silver with ????? party overloading or through cheating.

Withdraw over 6 Pokémon method

Note: This has only been confirmed in Gold/Silver.

First prepare at least Pokémon five boxed Pokémon, and a full party with the fifth party Pokémon having a Defense modulo 256 byte (DB13) of your choice. Both the party Pokémon and the boxed Pokémon should be nonvaluable.

The value from DB13 will be written to the first Unown in the UnownDex, but the player's Pokédex seen and own addresses will be corrupted, causing the player to end up with different Pokédex in the Pokédex, so a player should not do this glitch if they have a complete Pokédex and don't want to lose it.

Cheating method

The GameShark code 01xx24DC (Pokémon Gold/Silver) or 01xxD9DE (Pokémon Crystal) will replace the first Unown in the Pokédex's Unown Mode.

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