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Bad clone
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A bad clone is clone made from the Gold/Silver/Crystal cloning glitch which has had its data corrupted due to the player switching off the power of his or her game at the wrong moment. The Pokémon which was about to be cloned instead becomes a glitched Pokémon. It usually will have a nickname with a large amount of glitch text. These corrupted Pokémon sometimes have glitch moves and on rare occassions cannot be withdrawn from the PC (if the game was turned off in such a way that the data was corrupted to a much greater extent). Bad clones are sometimes referred to as a glitched version of the original Pokémon; for example, a 'glitched seadra.'

Bad Clones are most notably used for the Celebi Trick; a glitch which can be used in Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal to receive almost any Pokémon in the game.

Ways to obtain a Bad clone at level 0 (beneficial for the Celebi Trick)

  1. In Pokémon Gold and Silver one can attempt to turn off the power at the exact time the 'A' in 'SAVING DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER' appears, however the chances of receiving an ideal level 0 clone by this method are very slim.
  2. More ideally, one can perform the standard cloning trick whilst running Pokémon Gold or Silver in Pokémon Stadium II. If the player turns off the power at about the same time the game displays "SAVING DON'T TURN OFF" he or she will have a much higher chance of recieving a bad clone at level 0.