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From Glitch City Laboratories

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Welcome to the Glitch City Laboratories wiki! We are a Pokémon fansite dedicated to the various glitches and quirks of the game series. We currently have over 1,347 pages, but we're constantly working on more.


  • Major glitches — The most powerful glitches such as those that allow you to obtain any Pokémon in the game.
  • Generational glitches — A parent category of seven categories of Pokémon glitches by generation; useful for looking up a particular glitch.
  • The Big HEX List — A reference table for index numbers and matching Pokémon, items, moves, characters and Game Boy ASM opcodes!
  • Pokémon GameShark codes — GameShark and Xploder cheat codes for the Generation I and Generation II Pokémon games. These can help for easily setting up and researching glitches, hacking in specific Pokémon you want or can be used just for fun.
  • Natural glitches — Many glitches are derived tricks from a parent glitch. This category is for glitches that do not require another glitch to work.
  • List of exploits to obtain Mew — The first and second generations of Pokémon in particular have multiple encounter glitches; these are all confirmed ways to obtain a Mew.

More links can be found on the sidebar.


We appreciate all help for the wiki.

Before editing we suggest that you should check out our manual of style, learn what is expected of articles at GCL, and read about our article validation.

If you are new to wiki editing the MediaWiki help documents are a good place for information on how to edit wikis in general.


xx Welcome to Glitch City Laboratories 18.02

February 07, 2018, 08:53:46 pm by Abwayax
As prophesied, the update has arrived. The main feature is that MediaWiki and SMF have both been updated to the latest version, which was harder than it seems.

Also, the mapping between forum accounts and wiki accounts has been changed such that the wiki now goes off the user's username and not display name. There is a convenient parser function {{#displayName:<username>}} that can produce a display name given a username, and more work will be done to show user's display name where possible. Also, as a result of this, edits from old wiki accounts may need to be reattributed to the current username manually (I think this is something only I can do on the backend).

Please let me know of any problems that occur with the update.

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xx English Generation I and II GlitchDex wiki transition complete

October 21, 2017, 04:28:23 pm by Princess Torchic ❤
Today all of the articles in the GlitchDex for Generations I and II have been updated and completely re-structured to have proper MediaWiki formatting.

In addition, we have included various obscure technical details about these glitch Pokémon for you to enjoy. :)

This does not mean the English GlitchDex is entirely complete, as we still have to create a database for glitch palette attribute bytes and input the data, and there are bound to be errors and omissions elsewhere.

I will begin work from now on finishing the AttackDex and ItemDex, starting with the ItemDex. As always any help no matter how small is certainly welcome.

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xx Semi-Maintenance Mode

December 28, 2016, 02:53:38 pm by Abwayax
Until further notice, Glitch City Laboratories is in semi-maintenance mode. This means that, at any time, it may be offline, or it may start returning errors unexpectedly.

I am currently investigating possible performance issues and need the site to stay up in order to do so.

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xx And we're back!

August 09, 2016, 01:39:24 am by Abwayax
It took longer than I wanted to, but we are finally back online.

Along with the server migration, some infrastructure changes were made which should make the site run better and also make it easier to develop. These were changes I had been wanting to make for a while and figured with the server migration this was a perfect time to leave the legacy infrastructure behind and start anew.

Updates made:
- MediaWiki updated to 1.27. This necessitated a lot of changes to some of the extensions and the skin (we really haven't been doing updates as often as we should...)
- SMF updated to 2.0.11. The existing SMF codebase has been wiped, sans themes. Any mods that were installed on the old one will be re-installed, and then integrated into the codebase.
- -Dex extension ("Professor Glitch's Super Awesome Extension") fixed up so it renders things properly.

Technical changes:
- GCL now runs as a self-contained web application inside a Docker container, using php5-fpm + nginx. The front-end webserver runs nginx proxying into this application. All of the code for this application is available on our self-hosted GitLab instance at
-- Previously the front-end server was an Apache instance which ran GCL and some other sites under mod_php.

The other bugs which are known about have still not been fixed yet, but I wanted to get this version of GCL back online before tackling them. This setup allows me to have a development environment where changes can be made and tested before being pushed to production.

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xx 30 July 2016 Server Downtime and Migration

July 24, 2016, 02:08:55 am by Abwayax
The server will be down for the weekend of 30 July 2016, for a server migration. Because my host is going to close down the US data center where the server is being hosted, I am required to migrate to one of their European data centers to keep the server running.

From: hosting-en(at)
To: adrian.malacoda(at)
Subject: [GANDI] Action required on your servers hosted in Baltimore
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2016 09:53:42 -0000
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

Hello Gandi customer,

For several years now we have been proud to maintain a datacenter on the
East Coast of the United States for Cloud hosting and other hosting

So it’s with a heavy heart that we must inform you of our decision to
close the US datacenter located in Baltimore (US-BA1) on December 1,

The decision was not taken lightly, and we only do so in order to be
able to concentrate our efforts and commit more resources to pursuing
exciting new hosting infrastructure plans which could not be deployed at
the Baltimore location, notably due to compatibility issues.

On December 1, 2016 all Gandi Cloud services (servers, disks, snapshots,
web accelerators, private networks, IP addresses, etc.) hosted in our
Baltimore datacenter will be permanently deleted. The credits that were
not consumed, however, will remain available in your account.

As such, we are also writing to tell you that we hope that you will take
this opportunity to migrate your servers to one of our European data
centers: LU-BI1, located in Bissen in Luxembourg or FR-SD2, located in
Paris, France.

We are acutely aware of the impact this decision might have on your
operations and we would like to make it as smooth as possible to migrate
your services.

To that end, we would like you to have the promo code below for 150,000
hosting credits, which will allow you to recreate your servers for free
in one of the European datacenters:


Please note, however, that this promo code is valid through December
31st, 2016.

Once you’ve gotten set up in one of European datacenters, we encourage
you to follow our detailed migration guide available here:

https: //wiki(dot)

As indicated in the migration guide, updating your DNS zone file is one
of the most important steps in the migration process.
- If you use Gandi’s DNS for your domain(s), you can make these updates
directly from your resource management page.
- If you use another provider, you can use the information provided on
the resource management page to make these changes in your DNS
provider’s interface

And of course if you need additional help, our hosting support agents
are ready to help. You can reach them

- by email using the contact form here:
https:// www(dot)gandi(dot)net/support/contact/mail/
- by chat: https:// www(dot)
- on IRC in the #gandi Freenode channel (

Once again, we are sorry for any negative impact our decision to close
the Baltimore datacenter may have for you. We hope we can make the
transition as smooth as possible, which is why we wanted to give you
plenty of time to do it.

And finally, of course, all of this is with a view towards devoting more
resources to an upcoming hosting infrastructure project we have
currently in the works. So stay tuned.


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