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TM54 (FE) TM55 (FF) (random name) (00)
Battling with TM55 (FF).

TM55 (hex:FF) is a glitch Trainer class in Pokémon Red and Blue and one of the artificial Trainer classes.

As the game subtracts 200 from Trainers in the Pokémon table with IDs between C8 and FF, this Trainer class indices can normally never be encountered in the game, but can be encountered with Game Genie codes FFF-549-C49 and 3EF-539-B31 and initiating any Trainer battle (i.e with code 01xx59D0) or theoretically arbitrary code execution.

These Game Genie codes disable part of the InitBattleCommon routine that subtracts 200 from the Trainer class ID and replaces the value with one dictated by the first code.

Not much is known about this glitch Trainer class, although its name TM55 appears to follow a pattern similar to the names of glitch moves and certain glitch Pokémon (with IDs between C4-FF) when they evolve.

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