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Artificial Trainer class
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TM55; Trainer class 255 in Pokémon Red and Blue.

Artificial Trainer classes are a division of invalid Trainer classes in Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow.

Ordinary valid and invalid Trainer classes have index numbers which range from 01-55 as well as 00. This is because the normal process of encountering a Trainer finds a value that ranges between 0xC8-0xFF and subtract 200 (hex:C8) from the identifier.

However, with Game Genie codes or theoretically arbitrary code execution, it is possible to encounter Trainer classes with IDs between 56-255 which normally cannot be encountered.

The following Game Genie codes for Pokémon Red when used together will change the class of a Trainer encountered with 01xx59D0 where yy is the desired Trainer class:

  • yyF-549-C49
  • 3EF-539-B31

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