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Pokémon Yellow C109 ID 0x0F arbitrary code execution
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Arbitrary code execution in the Pokémon series

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List of arbitrary code execution programs

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Reason given: Test if the same C109 0x0F script is possible in Red/Blue with a different method to Yellow MissingNo.

Yellow MissingNo.'s corruption

Pokémon Yellow C109 ID 0x0F arbitrary code execution is a glitch in Pokémon Yellow, and a form of arbitrary code execution, involving a glitch 0xC109 ID, with a script activated by glitch item Lg -. It used to be notable for its ability to be accessed early in the game, but has since been obsoleted.


This glitch does not work on many emulators, except for (one example) later versions of BGB. It is confirmed to function properly on a real Game Boy Advance SP, but it has not been confirmed on other platforms.


If the player encounters Yellow MissingNo. (non-ghost/fossil form) in Viridian Forest, previously erased the save file with Up+Select+B and has never encountered a glitch Pokémon before, the Yellow MissingNo. will not freeze the game.

If the Pokémon menu and PC was opened in front of the PC in Viridian City's Pokémon Center before encountering the Yellow MissingNo., then after ending the battle, C109 is 0x0F which has the ability to execute arbitrary code at DA41 after using glitch item "Lg -" (wPlayTimeMaxed, followed by wPlayTimeMinutes, wPlayTimeSeconds and close to Safari Zone and Day Care data).

If the player doesn't have a problematic play time, has never visited the Safari Zone and doesn't have any Day Care data, the code will fall through to DA7F, where a bootstrap Pokémon set up can be used to run code at item 3.


  • Torchickens/ChickasaurusGL (text from YouTube video)

YouTube video

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL
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