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Hi there, I'm Evie (Torchickens). :)

My Melody and Starfy.jpg

If you'd like to contact me about anything, you can find my forums profile here.

I sometimes make videos about glitches and unused content under my Youtube channel, ChickasaurusGL.

Pronouns: She/her

GlitchDex additional information template

For help with updating the GlitchDex.

User:Torchickens/GlitchDex additional information template

See also:

User:Torchickens/Sample RBY glitch Pokémon

Article cleanup and update project

GlitchDex needs:

  • Palette entry (create article listing these)
  • Replace monochrome images with Super Game Boy ones - Done?
  • Wiki-fy the databases.
  • Add MissingNo. variants?
  • Update the wiki with newer glitches, prioritize on Crystal_, TheZZAZZGlitch's and my data (p.s. feel free to copy descriptions from my channel ^^; just add <!--From ChickasaurusGL's video--> notes).
  • Sort out this former page. Make the glitches described there have their own articles.
  • Make experience underflow glitch its own article, and look for examples of 'skipping to level 100' other than through level 1 medium-slow growth Pokémon.

Article plans

These are some of the old plans I made for articles before the site went down. If you want to add anything to them, please feel free to edit them:

Article plans: User:Torchickens/Articles to make