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8 8 4 h 's 8 8 4 h 's Dec: 124 Hex: 7C Price: 509594 Sell Price: Unsellable Effect Outside: Menus remain open but the player can press the Start menu to open it again. The previous screen data will be saved with all of the menus open, making 8 8 4 h 's useful for glitches such as Rival LOL glitch if a specific tile from a tile printing glitch item needs to be saved. Can be used indirectly (via item used address manipulation) in Viridian Forest when an instant encounter (e.g. from Trainer escape glitch) is active to reload a wild encounter in instant encounter infinite chain glitch. Effect in Battle: If in a regular wild encounter 8 8 4 h 's may make the player partially escape from battle, which allows them to open the menu. Other times it may cause the game to freeze.

Effect pointer 203D