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0x50 sub-tile
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One of the 0x50 sub-tiles indicated in the blue square.

The 0x50 sub-tile is a sub-tile in Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow with an index number of 80 (hex:50). A sub-tile is part of a tile of 4×4 parts, itself part of 4×4 tiles known as a tile block.

The sub-tile varies based on the tileset for the current map. For example, in Route 1 it is the bottom-left corner of a bush, while in Viridian Forest it is an 'up arrow'.

This sub-tile is needed for buffer overflow techniques that have the game attempt to copy saved screen data into another buffer until the first 0x50, such as CoolTrainer♀ move corruption and LOL glitch.

Without the player having a 0x50 sub-tile on the screen, it would likely cause the game to freeze during the corruption due to the game copying too much data.

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