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4[ h 4 ? (159) Dec: 237 Hex: ED Stats Lv.5: Atk 6, Def 18, Spd 7, Spc 6, HP 34 Stats Lv.100: Atk 25, Def 281, Spd 59, Spc 29, HP 498 Stats Lv.255: Atk 56, Def 708, Spd 142, Spc 66, HP 999 base hp: 192 base atk: 0 base def: 128 base spd: 16 base spatk: 0 base spdef: 0 Attacks: TM55, TM55, Razor Wind, TM55, TM40 (Lv.1), Ice Beam (Lv.3), Double Kick (Lv.4), Tackle (Lv.5), Doubleslap (Lv.6), TM05 (Lv.8), Ice Punch (Lv.14), Mega Punch (Lv.24), TM09 (Lv.33), Pin Missile (Lv.37), Doubleslap (Lv.40), TM24 (Lv.42), TM50 (Lv.47), Pound (Lv.48), Mega Punch (Lv.55), TM24 (Lv.58), TM24 (Lv.61), Ice Punch (Lv.62), Supersonic (Lv.64), TM05 (Lv.73), Supersonic (Lv.97), Aurora Beam (Lv.109), Transform (Lv.128), Defense Curl (Lv.144), Leech Seed (Lv.155), Petal Dance (Lv.157), Horn Drill (Lv.167), TM24 (Lv.175), TM41 (Lv.193), TM45 (Lv.205), TM24 (Lv.208), Absorb (Lv.211), Glitch Move 0xA7 (Lv.213), Glitch Move 0xA7 (Lv.214), Aurora Beam (Lv.217), Glitch Move 0xB8 (Lv.224), TM09 (Lv.225), TM28 (Lv.228), TM01 (Lv.230), Horn Attack (Lv.232), Glitch Move 0x00 (Lv.234), Horn Attack (Lv.236), TM14 (Lv.240), TM28 (Lv.249), TM01 (Lv.250), TM48 (Lv.254), TM55 (Lv.255) Type: Normal Evolution? None

Obtain: Arbitrary code execution

On Bulbapedia. Equivalent glitch Pokémon is h ゥ in Red/Blue. This glitch Pokémon has an experience group of 0xFF, causing it to be affected by the experience division by 0 glitch.


YGlitch159.png : Front sprite Y Backsprite Family 159.png : Back sprite MS Monster Y.png : Menu sprite

Pokédex data

  • Arbitrary Pokédex sourced from VRAM 9493.

Y Dex ED.png

Pokédex flags

  • Seen: Bit 0x6 of number of bag items (+64)
  • Own: Seen Squirtle

Pokédex marker byte


Catch rate constant


Base experience yield byte


Sprite dimensions (in base data structure)


Front sprite source pointer


Back sprite source pointer


Front sprite dimensions (actual)


Back sprite dimensions (actual)


Experience group

Yellow glitch experience group 0xFF:

  • Experience at Level 100: (Division by zero involved)
  • Experience at Level 255: (Division by zero involved)

TM/HM moves

  • TM01 Mega Punch
  • TM04 Whirlwind
  • TM12 Water Gun
  • TM13 Ice Beam
  • TM14 Blizzard
  • TM15 Hyper Beam
  • TM16 Pay Day
  • TM23 Dragon Rage
  • TM25 Thunder
  • TM28 Dig
  • TM39 Swift
  • TM47 Explosion
  • HM02 Fly
  • HM03 Surf

Time Capsule exploit moves

  • Time Capsule exploit level-up moves: Peck, Haze, Night Shade
  • Time Capsule exploit TM/HM: Toxic, Double Team, Swift, Dream Eater, Rest, Fly
  • Time Capsule breeding: Drill Peck, Mirror Move, Quick Attack, Sky Attack, Wing Attack, Whirlwind