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Sky Drop invisible user glitch
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An invisible Mimikyu from the glitch.

The Sky Drop invisible user glitch, or Sky Drop Red Card glitch is a glitch in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

It is one of four known glitches involving the move Sky Drop.


  • Make sure Battle Effects in the options are turned off.
  • Prepare a Pokémon holding a Red Card that is able to take an attack from the opponent.
  • Battle an offline player with at least two Pokémon, including a Pokémon with Sky Drop (a Battle Tree Trainer). Alternatively one can battle Scientist Kyle in the Poni Gauntlet and have his Ditto Transform into the Pokémon with Sky Drop.
  • Have the opponent use Sky Drop on the user's Pokémon. After releasing the user, they will be switched out and the user's Pokémon will become invisible until they faint or are switched out.


  • Speedy Sceptile for documenting the glitch.
  • Deku-Kitty for bringing up questions about the glitch on the Glitch City Laboratories Forums.

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