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Pokémon and Trainer color test menu and TM/HM compatibility checker
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Altering the palette of Bulbasaur using the color test menu in Japanese Pokémon Gold and Silver.

The Pokémon and Trainer color test menu and TM/HM checker in Pokémon Gold and Silver is a debug menu that allows the player to change the colors of Pokémon or Trainers, and check if a Pokémon is able to learn a TM/HM.

The interface still exists in translated versions of the game, but in the English versions mojibake appears due to the screen not being localized.

In the Japanese version of Gold/Silver; the code for the menu is apparently located at three byte pointer 3F:54F1 (v1.0 and v1.1).

Whether the player will be editing Pokémon or Trainers depends on the memory address CF21, where an identifier of 00 activates 'Pokémon mode' and any other identifier activates 'Trainer mode'.

In the English versions, the menu is located at 3F:52C9, and the equivalent address for Pokémon/Trainer mode is CEED.


Save states for the color test menus can be found here.

Use up/down to move the right facing cursor to point to either the red, green or blue scale.

When it points to the red, green or blue scale, the amount of that color can be adjusted by adjusting another cursor with left/right. The cursor positions further to the right mean much color, and cursor positions further to the left mean less color.

The colors will mix, for example, maximum red, maximum green and minimum blue will give the color yellow.

At the top-right corner of the screen there are two color areas, colored based on different areas of the sprite. Below the color areas are hexadecimal color codes.

A cursor points to what color area of the sprite will be changed from adjusting the color scales, and the cursor can be moved with left/right when there is no right-pointing cursor pointing to the color scales. This occurs after pressing up a few times.

If the A button is pressed the color alterations are lost, and either shiny (the first, third, fifth, etc. time A is pressed) or regular colors (the second, fourth, sixth, etc. time A is pressed) are applied to both color areas.

If the select button is pressed the next Pokémon or Trainer (by index number) will be displayed, but glitch Pokémon #252-255 and #000 cannot be accessed; the test menu starts at Bulbasaur and ends at Celebi, then loops around.

TM/HM compatibility checker

The TM/HM compatibility checker can be accessed with B. On the first line is red text. Next to 'v w?' (Japanese: おわりますか?) is the name of a TM/HM move, which can be adjusted with up/down.

On the second line is green text. Next to s...A (Japanese: はい...A) is either 'v u üs' (Japanese: おぼえられない) or just 'v u' (Japanese: おぼえられる). 'v u üs' means the Pokémon can't be taught the move on the line above by TM/HM. 'v u üs' means it can.

Accessing it with the Coin Case glitch

Using TheZZAZZGlitch's Coin Case glitch payload to the quantity of stored item 2, and the same basic method as in his Celebi trick, the following code can be used to activate the test menu:


Pokémon menu:

  • inc b
  • ld a, 3F
  • inc b
  • ld hl, 52C9
  • rst $08 (CF)

04 3E 3F 04 21 C9 52 CF

Trainer menu:

  • inc b (04)
  • ld a, $3F
  • inc b
  • ld h, $CE
  • ld l, $ED
  • ld (hli), a
  • dec b
  • ld hl, 52C9
  • rst $08

04 3e 3f 04 26 ce 2e ed 22 05 21 c9 52 cf


Pokémon menu:

In stored PC items starting from item 2:

  • (ANYTHING)x 4
  • PP Up x63
  • Great Ball x33
  • TM10 x82

Trainer menu:

In stored PC items starting from item 2:

  • (ANYTHING)x4
  • PP Up x63
  • Great Ball x38
  • TM15 x46
  • TM45 x34
  • Poké Ball x33
  • TM10 x82
  • TM16 x(ANYTHING)

Japanese text strings

The following Japanese text strings are used for this menu:

  1. Aきりかえ▶ ("A switches (to)")
  2. ノーマル (normal)
  3. レア (rare)
  4. おわりますか? ("Are you finished?")
  5. おぼえられる ("Can be taught")
  6. おぼえられない ("Cannot be taught")

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