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Pikachu brightening up Rock Tunnel curiosity
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Reported by Frez Person

Verified by ChickasaurusGL

Pikachu brightening up Rock Tunnel after teaching it Thunderbolt by leveling it up to level 26 using a Rare Candy, and speaking to it.

The Pikachu brightening up Rock Tunnel curiosity occurs in Pokémon Yellow.

If the player talks to Pikachu after teaching it Thunderbolt or Thunder either by leveling it to level 26 (Thunderbolt) or level 41 (Thunder) or using TM24 (Thunderbolt) or TM25 (Thunder), its Thunderbolt animation will temporarily brighten up the cave (without the need of Flash), until the animation finishes. Unfortunately taking a few steps makes Pikachu no longer do this animation.

Youtube video

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL