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Infinite balls glitch (Colosseum)
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This glitch is for a home console Pokémon game. GameCube controller.png
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The infinite balls glitch, also known as the Poké Ball amount bug is a glitch in Pokémon Colosseum which allows the player to repeatedly use any type of Poké Ball (including the Master Ball) without depleting the amount in the inventory.


  • A Poké Ball to be reused
  • Another kind of Poké Ball
  • At least two Pokémon which have not fainted in the player's team.


  1. Get into a battle.
  2. On the first Pokémon's turn, use the Poké Ball that will be kept.
  3. On the second Pokémon's turn, switch the first Poké Ball with another.
  4. It will look like the first Poké Ball is being used, except no Poké Balls will have been used at all.

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