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Cool Move
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'??????????' appealed with COOL move.

Cool Move is a contest move in Ruby/Sapphire. Use a cheating device to catch one of the variations of ??????????[clarification needed], then feed it some Pokéblocks and put it into a Contest.

Most of its moves will be called "-", but one of its moves will be called "Cool Move." When you use this Cool Move, you get many appeal hearts, but you cannot appeal again in that contest. When the contest is over, your game will be glitched.

(Using "-" will give you 4 red appeal hearts, and you can use it repeatedly. The screen will say "?????????? hasn't made its appeal".) No glitchy effects, aside from the "hasn't made its appeal" text, will happen. (It might have a variety of unglitched moves, but if you scroll down too far, the game will glitch.)