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Name (transcribed): "-" (random internal name)

Identifier (HEX): 00
Identifier (DEC): 000
Applicable for Super Glitch?: Allows for CoolTrainer♀ corruption
(similar to Super Glitch). Otherwise no.

Effect byte: 0x74
Effect pointer: F928
Type : (Variable name) (hex:31)
Animation/Mirror Move: Fissure (0x5A)
Power: 102
Accuracy: 49/256
PP (no PP Ups): 12

- (Random internal name) is the English Pokémon Yellow version of - (Generation I move) and a (variable name) (hex:31) type glitch move.

Using this glitch item if it hits causes damage with the Fissure animation. If the opposing Pokémon isn't knocked out by the move, then it may cause arbitrary code execution at address F928 in the Echo RAM region (equivalent to D928 in WRAM). This address is taken from Pokémon 4's current HP data and onward from the opponent's Pokémon data related memory addresses.

The random internal name of this glitch move can be used for "CoolTrainer♀ corruption" corruption, such as the TMTRAINER effect and corrupting the foe to a MissingNo. (hex:32) (if inverse sprites glitch isn't active) or Horsea (if inverse sprites glitch is active). Both of those effects are from opening the items or Pokémon menu in battle beforehand. Unlike Red and Blue, there is no known way to carry the screen data from outside of battle for different effects.

Glitch Pokémon which learn "-"