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Please note that this glitch only exists in the Spanish version of the game.
Town Map name: PUEBLO PALETA
Map 0B Town Map ES.png
Identifier (HEX) 0B
Identifier (DEC) 11
Default track Viridian City
Tileset Unknown
Size Unknown
Map type Descent glitch map,
Redirection glitch map,
key area

Map 0x0B in Spanish Yellow is a descent glitch map and redirection glitch map with an index number of 0x0B (dec:11). Its name on the Town Map is "PUEBLO PALETA"; the same name of Pallet Town in this version, and is located at Town Map coordinates 0,0; which is at the top-left corner of the screen, above Indigo Plateau.

Upon entering map 0x0B by changing D369 (indoor exit destination) to 0B, Red may continuously walk down in a glitch world with an 'Underground Path' tileset and with the Viridian City music playing with his sprite changed to that of a Youngster.

The map script for this map is taken from pointer $CC5B in WRAM. Later, the game may freeze after Red walks down for a while, otherwise warp the player to Map 0xFF if the data is safe.

The appearance of map 0x0B in Spanish Yellow.

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