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Viridian Forest 0x37 text box glitch (Japanese Yellow)
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Please note that this glitch only exists in the Japanese versions of the game, or is otherwise a glitch
from a Pokémon game which was only released in Japan.
Viridian Forest activating the Hall of Fame

The Viridian Forest 0x37 text box glitch is a glitch text box in Pokémon Yellow (Japanese), sourced from address 0xDEB8 in the RAM.

Using this glitch, it is possible to set up arbitrary code execution if the first byte at 0xDEB8 is 0x08.


This glitch exploits "text box ID matching"; an exploit in which the Trainer escape glitch is performed but a specific text box is read before returning to the original location you escaped from, and for this glitch the text box $41 is loaded via a Town Map in Pewter City and runs $DED0 (19th stored Pokémon's nickname) at Viridian Forest.

If the code begins with an $08, it is interpreted as an ASM script.

Hall of Fame script execution

The following stored Pokémon nickname code (created by MeseInsanity) can be used to execute the Hall of Fame script, where the numbers before the colons represent the position of the Pokémon in the box.

01:ヅずへデレ (@DE64 11 2D CD 12 A7)

02:にエよガレ (@DE6A C6 83 D6 05 a7)

03:ヅカんデレ (@DE70 11 85 DE 12 A7)

04:ゾギひゅピ (@DE76 0e 06 CB E1 41)

05:がらひどそ (@DE7C 26 D7 CB 34 BF)

06:ぜねへへぼ (@DE82 2E C8 CD CD 3E)

07:がんぜイの (@D388 26 DE 2E 81 C9)

19:ゲョぐチ (@DED0 08 AF 28 90)

What this does is set b to 16, hl to 7DC8 and then run the bank switch code at 3E7E to execute 16:7DC8, the Hall of Fame script. By coincidence the code works on all Japanese Yellow versions, even though the bank switch code begins at 3E7D in v1.0.


1) Find the long-range Trainer in Viridian Forest, press Start while walking up to him to open the menu and then escape with an Escape Rope to Pewter City (heal at Pewter City Pokémon Center before this).

2) Save the game by changing boxes and reset.

3) Be guided by the Pewter City museum guide.

4) Go into the bottom-left house and view the Town Map, then without pressing Start or opening any text boxes return to Viridian Forest to execute your box name code (in this video code that executes the Hall of Fame script)

YouTube video

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL

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