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User:Princess Torchic ❤/Sample GS glitch Pokémon
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(blah) (blah) (hex) (blah)

Please note that some of the data described here may not be fully reliable if it depends on the contents of writable memory, such as RAM; WRAM; SRAM.

N Pentamark.png (MS)
File:S GSxxx front.pngFile:S GSxxx back.png
Bulbapedia link (bulbalink)
Equivalent glitch Pokémon (blah) (Crystal (ID))]]
Equivalent Pokémon (Generation I) (add)
Index number (hex) (add)
Index number (dec) (add)
Pokédex number
Pokédex marker byte (add)
Breeding result (when glitch Pokémon is female or paired with Ditto) {{{hatch}}}
Type(s) (type1)/(type2)
Category (add)
Base happiness (add)
Egg group (1)/(2)
Color (add)
Catch rate constant (add)
Experience group (add)
Level 50:(x)
Level 100: (x)
Experience yield (add)
Height (add)
Weight (add)
Footprint File:FPxxx.png
Gender ratio Male if Attack DV>X
Wild held item (1)
Sprite dimensions (add)

N Pentamark S.png (xx) (????? XX) is a dual-type (1)/(2) glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Gold and Silver, with an index number of hex:xx (dec:xxx).


By level up




(Source: Yuzihax's G/S/C TM/HM list)

By Move Tutor


(Source: Yuzihax's G/S/C TM/HM list)

Base stats

Base stats Level 50 stat range Level 100 stat range
HP: (add) (add) (add)
Attack: (add) (add) (add)
Defense: (add) (add) (add)
Speed: (add) (add) (add)
Special Attack: (add) (add) (add)
Special Defense: (add) (add) (add)

Pokédex entry

File:Dex GSXXX.gif

Type effectiveness

(Data not available)


Methods to obtain

(Remove and alter depending on glitch Pokémon)

  1. Stabilize a bad clone to obtain N Pentamark S.png (00), have a party of six Pokémon; and then bring the N Pentamark S.png (00) to the top of the party. Then use move PkMn without Mail to bring another Pokémon to the top and take the N Pentamark S.png into the Day Care Center on Route 34 and out. This will convert the N Pentamark S.png into a N Pentamark S.png (FF).
  2. Byte shifting via N Pentamark S.png (00) or N Pentamark S.png (FF) (available through stabilizing a bad clone or arbitrary code execution) (e.g. byte shift a total experience of x (e.g. FE) or higher byte x (e.g. FE00); unconfirmed).-->
  3. ????? party overloading roaming Pokémon manipulation (x Attack. If x's capture flag was set after the party overloading, it can be caught with no issues).
  4. Arbitrary code execution (e.g. through Coin Case arbitrary code execution, wrong pocket TMs, glitch Pokédex categories).


Additional sprites

The front sprites of this glitch Pokémon may be affected based on the location it is encountered, whether an item was used, and the previous enemy battle sprite.