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From Glitch City Laboratories

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Glisp is the wiki's QC. He checks quality of different revisions on articles and submits the best quality version of the article. He is not a staff member but is working on trying to become one. Also his job can be revoked at anytime by the staff so he has to watch out.

Beginning at GCLF

Glisp came to GCLF in July of 2008. He was far from being well respected. His bitching and whining often was seen as childish by the admins. Around November he started to wise up and become a well respected member of GCLF. However, he wasn't really noticed until sometime in February. He now has several people who see him as a cuddly little unofficial GCLF Mascot of sorts, due to his support of the glitch research happening on GCLF. What makes him different from some other members of the community is his very good sense of humor and his high tolerance of noobishness.