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Unown 0x1E in the Unown Mode of the new Pokédex

Unown 0x1E (dec:030) is a glitch Unown in Pokémon Gold and Silver.

This glitch Unown may set the number of mail to 70, the Mystery Gift item to Poké Doll, and set a glitch Trainer House Trainer.

Viewing it may restart the game in a black Glitch Dimension.

Trainer House Trainer

This glitch trainer is known as tzx tzx

GS Unown 1E Trainer.png

Pokemon Species Level Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
1 Forretress 79 999ZAA (0xFD) Bite Aurora Beam Wrap
2 Seel 33 Low Kick Swagger Rollout Foresight
3 Forretress 31 Counter Twineedle Aurora Beam Ice Punch
4 Moltres 205 Aurora Beam Sunny Day Heal Bell Thrash
5 Vulpix 37 Thrash Thrash Thrash Thrash
6 Vulpix 37 Move 0x00 Move 0x00 Move 0x00 Move 0x00

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