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Type-changing Curse glitches
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The type-changing Curse glitches are glitches in Generation VI. The glitches occurs with abilities or moves which change the user's Pokémon's types.

Double Battle setup

The user must become a Ghost-type before using Curse, due to Color Change or Trick-or-Treat, and then use Curse. If the user is on the right side, its ally will be targeted, otherwise a different opponent will be targeted.

Triple Battle setup

The setup is like in a Double Battle, but a random[citation needed] opponent will be targeted.

Protean setup

A Pokémon that becomes a Ghost-type due to Protean will become a Ghost-type after using Curse, and proceed to use Curse on itself. This is not affected by Follow-Me, Rage Powder or Spiky Shield.

YouTube video

YouTube video by Sleepy Jirachi