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Transform glitch (disambiguation)
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The term Transform glitch may refer to any of the following glitches.

  1. Transform into a Ditto - In Generations I and II, the game will always consider the enemy Pokémon as Ditto when caught if it used the move Transform, even if it wasn't a Ditto and used the move by Mimic or Mirror Move.
  2. Sketch glitch - In Generation II, if a Pokémon temporarily copies the move Sketch via Transform, he or she will be able to Sketch any move regardless of the fact that this ability was meant to be exclusive to Smeargle.
  3. Rage glitch - In Generation IV, if a transforming Pokémon transforms into a Pokémon with the move Rage, if the player uses Rage until all of its PP is gone (but also recieving the "Rage is building" message), after the enemy Pokémon is defeated the player would have permenantly copied the moves of the enemy Pokémon.