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Battling with Trainer class 0x30.
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LANCE (2F) (last valid class)
(random name) (00) (last invalid class)
Pk (30) 1▶ゥ· (31)
This article is incomplete. Please feel free to add any missing information about the subject. It is missing: Payout data.

Pk (hex:30, dec:48) is a glitch Trainer class in Pokémon Red and Blue.

The equivalent glitch Trainer in Pokémon Yellow is ’ (hex:30).

It can be fought with the Ditto trick with a Special stat of 248 (hex:F8).

Trainer AI functions

Move modification AI routines


Structure 2 routine

  • $D040


Roster #01

PkMn ID PkMn T (hex D0) - level 216 4 8 (hex D1) - level 216 MissingNo. (hex 38) - level 216 Nidoran (Female) (hex 0F) - level 216 Moltres (hex 49) - level 216 Charizard 'M (hex FF) - level 216

Roster #02

Nidoran (Female) (hex 0F) - level 92 Parasect (hex 2E) - level 92 Parasect (hex 2E) - level 92 Haunter (hex 93) - level 92 MissingNo. (hex 9F) - level 92 Pinsir (hex 1D) - level 92

Roster #03-#FF and #00

No Pokémon for this roster

Trainer payout data

Trainer payouts are taken by multiplying the base payout and the level of the last Pokemon in the roster.

Base payout: 9493