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Summary screen messages
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By Glitch City Laboratories nomenclature, this subject of this article classes as a trick/glitch technique. Notes: Theoretical sub-glitch of Super Glitch and/or expanded party (etc.), for manipulation of long strings of text. Can also be achieved more easily with arbitrary code execution.
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Using glitches that allow for the player to obtain unterminated name Pokémon; the player can create a short summary screen message in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. As the name may begin on the right side of the status screen, it may be a good idea to align new strings of texts underneath it (e.g. with the 0x4E character). Use of control characters also saves space; in particular new lines do not require long strings of 0x7F, but this is not required.

The 'message' is actually a combination of multiple Pokémon names (i.e. party Pokémon 1 through to 6) with no terminating 0x50 or any control character that breaks the sequence. If the player also sets D163 (Pokémon Red and Blue) (or D162 (Pokémon Yellow)) to 1, the other Pokémon will be hidden; giving the illusion that the string is one long Pokémon 1 nickname. Additionally, the name can extend into Pokédex flags, and possibly beyond this into inventory items.

Example method

1. Install TheZZAZZGlitch's memory editor or offgao's memory editor.

2. Find D2B5 (or D2B4 (Pokémon Yellow)) and remove every instance of 0x50/problematic control characters following on from this address, up to the address the player desires (note: eventually this affects other variables like Pokédex progress/items/map data (which would then, double-serve as nickname characters), so unless the message is long it is not needed to go too far).

3. Enter any message that the player desires. It can then be seen by viewing the summary screen of the Pokémon (but it doesn't work the same way for in-battle/other out of battle iterations of the Pokémon's name i.e. Name Rater, Day Care(?)). Space must be taken into consideration, as some text may be invisible without proper formatting. The maximum length is unknown.