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Sennen Kazoku
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This article describes glitches in Sennen Kazoku, a game outside the Pokémon franchise. See Non-Pokémon glitches for a list of non-Pokémon glitch articles.

This article must comply with the non-Pokémon glitches guideline.

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Sennen Kazoku
Sennen Kazoku title.png
Wikipedia link None, but old revision available
Developer(s) indieszero
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release date(s) March 10, 2005
Please note that these glitches only exist in the Japanese versions of this non-Pokémon game, or are otherwise from a game which was only released in Japan.

Sennen Kazoku is a life simulation game in which the player overlooks and manages a family with the assistance of God and an angel known as Cupid, who can send arrows to change the behaviors of family members. It was only released in Japan, and relies heavily on the game's internal clock.

If the internal clock runs dry, it is not possible to play the game. Instead players are presented with an error message.

Glitch stages of life

Characters in glitch stages of life

By using a cheating device or memory editor to change the time far into the future without characters passing away, it is possible for glitch characters to appear during the conclusion of a playthrough after they age beyond a certain point.


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