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Seafoam Islands walk on spot glitch
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Using an exploit, it is possible to abuse a Seafoam Island's Surfing path to cause Red to continuously walk on the spot.


1. Find this location at B3F.

Seafoam B3F location.png

2. Use Rival's effect to move into the bottom-left water tile while not Surfing

Rival's Seafoam.png

3. Close Rival's and move down

Rival's Seafoam 2.png

4. Red will walk up and then continuously get stuck walking on the spot.

Seafoam B4F walking.png

Glitch City variation

By modifying D35F-D360 (item 33 quantity and item 34) to create an instant Glitch City, it is possible to convert the 'path' tiles on B4F directly to walkable tiles. Upon stepping on it, the same effect or an effect similar to the main steps can occur. Address $0000 is compatible for this if the player makes changes to the inventory here, and then after closing the menu steps down.

Seafoam B4F instant Glitch City infinite walk.png Seafoam B4F instant Glitch City infinite walk 2.png