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Pokéstar Studios opponents (glitch Pokémon)
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Trading a Brycen-Man for a UFO (thanks MrBean35000vr for the image)

The Pokéstar Studios opponents from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 can be forced outside of Pokéstar Studios with a cheating device, in which they manifest as glitch Pokémon.

Whereas these opponents have valid non-Shiny front sprites, there are many glitched sprites for Pokéstar Studio opponent back sprites and Shiny sprites.

The Pokéstar Studios opponents are not easy to use, as withdrawing one or moving around could transform it into an Egg. However, they can be used in link trades or placed in the Battle Box, or encountered as wild Pokémon.

Many thanks to Bulbapedia for the original list, below:


Index no. (HEX) Index no. (DEC) Name Type 1 Type 2
28C 652 UFO Flying Electric
28D 653 Brycen-Man Dark Psychic
28E 654 MT Steel
28F 655 MT2 Steel Electric
290 656 Transport Steel
291 657 Monica Normal
292 658 Humanoid Normal
293 659 Monster Dark
294 660 F-00 Steel Normal
295 661 Majin Dark Ghost
296 662 White Door Fire
297 663 Black Door Grass
298 664 Prop U1 Flying Electric
299 665 Prop U2 Psychic Electric
29A 666 Prop H1 Dark Psychic
29B 667 Prop M1 Steel
29C 668 Prop M2 Steel Electric
29D 669 Prop T1 Steel
29E 670 Prop O1 Normal
29F 671 Prop O2 Normal
2A0 672 Prop C1 Normal
2A1 673 Prop C2 Dark
2A2 674 Prop G1 Dark Ghost
2A3 675 Prop W1 Fire
2A4 676 Prop W2 Grass
2A5 677 Prop R1 Steel Normal
2A6 678 Prop R2 Steel Normal
2A7 679 Prop K1 Fighting
2A8 680 UFO 2 Psychic Electric
2A9 681 Monica Normal
2AA 682 F-00 Steel Normal
2AB 683 Black Belt Fighting
2AC 684 Smeargle Normal

YouTube video

YouTube video by MrBean35000vr