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Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Co-op Mode
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Using a cheating device, it is possible for two or more players to escape the Colosseum, Union Room or Records Room after linking up together. In theory, this allows the player to explore Hoenn with a friend with up to four players.

Method (Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire)

At least one cheating device is required for this method. The player needs to temporarily use a cheat code to allow the player to walk through walls, preferably with the GameShark code CE2CCCB25D8D815D. (NTSC/US version)

1. The code can be activated as soon as the game starts up.

2. In a Pokémon Center, travel one step above the woman at the Record Room counter.

3. Save the game. If only one cheating device is owned, the player should save the game and pass the cheating device to another person; Step One and Step Two should be repeated until all people are above the woman at the counter.

4. Start up the link like normal.

5. Instead of going to the room, the player will walk one step above the door and the game will not crash but rather take both players elsewhere to a valid area. Even though both players are not in the Records Room, the communication between both players is not lost.

6. Both players are now free to explore Hoenn.

Method (Pokémon Emerald)

1. Activate any warp code, preferably one which can be enabled by pressing a button, such as the GameShark code 9D888122 8CFB57D8 734D21AC ABA1D48F (NTSC/US) which will take the player to Petalburg City the next time they walk through a door after holding the R button.

2. Start up the link like normal. When walking through the door, if the code requires the player to hold a button, they should hold down the relevant button, depending on the code.

3. The player should appear in the 'warp location', rather than the Record Room.


Through experimentation, it has been found that if one player enters another location while in communication with another player the background will fail to load correctly. The graphics can be restored however by using the Pokénav and closing it. Regardless of this, collision detection will always be slightly off.

Trainer Battles may be fought when both players are linked this way but one of the players should always speak to the Trainer. These battles however, often end with the game freezing.

As the menu was changed to how it should be in the relevant communications room, the Bag cannot be opened, hence items and HMs cannot be used. It has also been found that doors cannot be entered when both players are in communication with each other.

Interestingly, when a player is in communication with another, they will gain the ability to walk on water, even if a code wasn't used to allow the player to do so.

There are no limitations to the movement of NPCs and this can cause some games to have a player walking into someone, while in another they are further away.[clarification needed]

Both players may want to make sure they have progressed equally into the game (i.e. in Petalburg City, a man will show the player the gym and make the player follow him, and if someone still has that person there, other players will freeze at the barrier for that person's game, and they will stay until the game is shut off).

Youtube Video

YouTube video by MasterGamePro