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Master glitch directory (Generation I)
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Mew exploits

Natural glitches

Sub-glitches of arbitrary code execution only

Sub-glitches of left-facing shore tile glitch

Sub-glitches of Pikachu off-screen glitch

Sub-glitches of statue behavior glitch

  • Fishing in statues
  • Go to Agatha from Lance glitch
  • Surfing in statues

Sub-glitches of Trainer escape glitch

Sub-glitches of item duplication

Sub-glitches of SRAM glitch

Sub-glitches of Surf down glitch

Sub-glitches of expanded items pack

Sub-glitches of glitch items

Sub-glitches of unterminated name glitch Pokémon

  • oobLG (and expanded items pack)
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