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This article is a summary page for different variations of a glitches, etc. when talked about as a whole.
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The preferred definition of glitch on Glitch City Laboratories when used as noun may refer to something happening or appearing in a program when it was not the developer's intention for it to work that way, be accessed that way, or be in the program itself.

The effects of glitches vary, from simple graphical glitches to strange Pokémon, attacks, or items that were never intended to appear in the game. Glitches may be harmful or harmless to a player's save file.

Types of glitches


There is a degree of controversy of what is a glitch, such as whether intended mechanics that lead to unintended exploits are classed as glitches (such as date change exploit, possibly Bike Shop instant text glitch, go past the Marowak ghost without a Silph Scope), or whether accidental exploits (such as red bar manipulation) are glitches.

In the Pokémon speedrunning community, 'go past the Marowak ghost without a Silph Scope' is allowed in standard glitchless speedruns, despite it not being the developer's intention for the player to skip Marowak without the Silph Scope (and allowing this glitch became the convention). A later category known as "Any% Glitchless (Classic)" based on Japanese community rules bans using a Poké Doll on the ghost Marowak, as well as hard resets (which allow for luck manipulation).

Red bar manipulation is allowed but realistically is impossible to avoid without intentionally trying to avoid getting a Pokémon to low health. Bike Shop instant text glitch was once allowed as well, but later banned, however there are plans to allow it once again.

Some differentiate between "bug" and "glitch", for example possibly by identifying a bug as something that was clearly an error in the programming code, i.e. Game Boy ASM etc. (programming logic error with an example being the Focus Energy glitch) however the criteria for distinction between bug and glitch can be vague. Another distinction is of glitch being an error in computer hardware rather than software, however different understandings of 'glitch' were later socially constructed in video gaming communities.

There may also be controversy whether certain sequence breaks in video games count as glitches, or the access of placeholder data like ??????????.

As a verb

To glitch, the verb, is a common slang term in the Pokémon glitch community that simply means to change something in a game to what it should not normally be. This usually happens after a glitch is done, creating the term.

As an adjective

The form glitched or glitchy may also be an adjective describing the state of a game after a glitching, or of a specific Pokémon or item affected by said glitching. A common example is a "glitched Hall of Fame" in Red/Blue versions, created after an encounter with Missingno., or a "glitched Kangaskhan" created through evolving the glitch Pokémon 'M (00).

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