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Glitch City Laboratories:What is expected of articles
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Here at Glitch City Laboratories, we don't run just any website. Ours is a very specialized website that focuses on glitches, mainly in the Pokémon series of video games.

As a wiki, the Glitch City Laboratories website is open to edits by anyone. That said, there are guidelines concerning what it is accepted and what is not. Following are some rough guidelines as to what we look for in content.


First and foremost, it must be relevant. What this means is that it usually has to be about Pokémon glitches but must ALWAYS be about glitches. However, if you feel the need to add an article to the wiki that is not about Pokémon, but is a major glitch in another game, please follow the guideline for non-Pokémon glitch articles. While we are allowing submissions of articles on glitches for other games, this site is mostly about Pokémon glitches and is currently dedicated to them.


Content must be verifiable. We differ from most wikis in that our research is very original, in the sense that it is typically not "published by reliable third parties" (the reliability of fansites in general is often disputed). Therefore, GCL is often a primary source. What this means is that we cannot require that you cite sources for everything you write here. What this does mean, however, is that we have different ways of verifying content. All edits made by non-staff members must be reviewed before being marked "stable" and all unreviewed pages are by default hidden. We do this because it allows us to maximize community collaboration while maintaining a degree of oversight over the website.


There is a certain style of writing that is preferred at Glitch City Laboratories. See Glitch City Laboratories:Manual of style.


Articles should be written towards the neutral point of view. What does that mean? It means your own personal likes, dislikes, or biases should not dictate what you write.