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ィ゙ゃゾA MS Trade Circle Y.png
Front: YGlitch176 JP.pngBack: YGlitch176b JP.png
Bulbapedia link None
Equivalent glitch Pokémon ィ゙ゃゾA (Red/Green)
ィ゙ゃゾA (Japanese Blue)
Generation II equivalent
Generation II Pokémon needed for Time Capsule exploit
Name bytes
Index number (hex) 00
Index number (dec) 000
Pokédex number
Pokédex marker byte
Pokédex flag (seen)
Pokédex flag (own)
Height 0.9m
Weight 42.0kg
Palette attribute byte
Catch rate constant
Experience group
Experience yield
Sprite dimensions (base data)
Front sprite source pointer
Back sprite source pointer
Front sprite dimensions (actual)
Back sprite dimensions (actual)
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アネ゙デパミ゙ (FF) ィ゙ゃゾA (00) けつばん (many index numbers)

ィ゙ゃゾA is a glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow (Japanese).

Methods to obtain

1. Use item 0x7C on a glitch Trainer which has this glitch Pokémon (requires 0x50 sub-tile for v1.1+ which is impractical). Example: Prof. Oak roster 0 with Rival flute glitch.

(Research is incomplete at this time)

Starting moves

Research is incomplete at this time


Research is incomplete at this time.

Pokédex data

Y Dex 00 JP.png

Level-up moves

Research is incomplete at this time.

TM/HM moves

Research is incomplete at this time.

Base stats

Research is incomplete at this time

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