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Generation I max stat glitch
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Major glitches of the Pokémon series

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The Generation I max stat glitch is a derivative of the large storage box byte shift glitch that is also responsible for the remaining HP glitch.

It allows the player to obtain a Pokémon with maxed out EVs and DVs, through repeated withdrawals and a Pokémon with underflowed PP (63 PP with three PP Ups used).

The effects of this trick are also possible with arbitrary code execution in Generations I and II (often with 8F in Red/Blue, ws m in Yellow or the Coin Case glitch in English Gold and Silver).


1) A Pokémon with 63 PP on the first move. This is possible with a PP underflow glitch. For example, you can get a low leveled Pokémon capable of learning Hyper Beam and Double Team and some healing items. Level 7 Chansey is good for this. It has great HP and low attack. You can get it at level 7 with the Ditto glitch with a Special of 40 or you could trade one from Pokémon Gold, Silver and Pokémon Crystal. Encounter a level 15 Tentacool, make sure Chansey is slower than the Tentacool, use Double Team six times then use Hyper Beam and hit, then hope that Tentacool uses Wrap the next turn and misses. This will cause Chansey to use Hyper Beam again, causing the underflow.

2) A Q, obtainable by evolving 4 4 Hy, a Yellow exclusive glitch Pokémon at level 6. Ditto glitch Special required: 192. You'll have to trade Q on to Red/Blue if you want to do it there.

3) A box that has never been filled before. This is important. On real hardware DA94, the end marker for a box will always be FF in box 1 if you've had 20 Pokémon. This matters because of the game 'getting' the FF before the one following the series of bytes you want to shift back.

4) Poké Flute, optional. Or you may be able to get poisoned to lower HP.

5) A good amount of Pokémon in box 2, such as 15.

6) Pokédollars. Get over 9998.


Let's say you want a flawless Mewtwo. Here are the steps.

1) From an empty box 1 deposit the Chansey with move 1 having 63 PP, then 10 Pokémon, then Q in that order. The order is important.

2) Fill your party from another box or through catching Pokémon, switch to box 1 then go into the wild and encounter a Pokémon with a catch rate of 255 and catch it. It will be sent to the first position of box 1.

3) Deposit the Pokémon back in the other box, e.g. box 2, then switch to box 1.

4) Withdraw Q, then the first Pokémon, then the 10 Pokémon, withdrawing the last one every time. You will see no Cancel while you're doing this. To do this, you'll need to deposit Pokémon into another box due to the 6 Pokémon in party limit. When you've done this step, it will max out all IVs, and all 'EVs' except for HP.

5) Withdraw Chansey. Then heal it at a Pokémon Center. Examine the HP modulo 256, e.g. minus 512 if it has 683. This will be the index number of the Pokémon you want. You can reduce the value to whatever you want by playing the Poké Flute and getting hit in battle or theoretically through poison. For Mewtwo, the HP modulo 256 needs to be 131.

6) As you should have no box terminators now, you don't need to deposit the maximum amount of Pokémon you had:

Deposit your glitched Chansey after you've got a remaining HP value you want, followed by any 2 Pokémon and Q, the order is important.

7) Fill your party from another box or catch them, then switch to box 1 and capture a catch rate 255 Pokémon; that will be sent to the first position.

8) Deposit your Pokémon in another box, then switch to box 1 and withdraw Q, then the 1st Pokémon, then the 3rd Pokémon, then the 2nd Pokémon. The last two withdrawals will have shifted Chansey's bytes before DAA8 and written FF, FF to the HP EV. Since current HP byte 2 is located two bytes after the Pokémon 1 'recipient' byte, it gets moved into the Pokémon 1 recipient byte.

9) Take your 'Chansey' into the Daycare and receive it to get your reward, e.g. flawless Mewtwo.

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