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Wikipedia also has an article about Dword.

A dword represents four 8-bit bytes (which is 32 bits), with 4294967296 available identifiers in base 16.

In the Pokémon glitch community

In Generation III, the personality value of a Pokémon is stored in a dword in the Pokémon data substructure, and the individual values of a Pokémon are stored in a dword in the miscellaneous section of the Pokémon data substructures.

For this reason, the above dwords are relevant for two Generation III glitches:

  • The roaming Pokémon IV glitch, where data is only written to the first byte of a roaming Pokémon's individual values when it is captured (in Generation III games other than Pokémon Emerald).
  • The Generation III bit set glitch, where bit 0 and 2 (+hex:05) or bit 6 (+hex:40) may be written to a Pokémon in the storage box when one of the aforementioned bits are not set.

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