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Bike Shop instant text glitch
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Activating instant text by talking to the Bike Shop owner and exiting with B, and disabling it by opening the Start menu.

The Bike Shop instant text glitch is considered to be a natural glitch in Pokémon Red and Blue. It was fixed in at least the English version of Pokémon Yellow and was found by Swaph_.

This trick generated debate by Pokémon speedrunners as to whether it would be considered a glitch. The glitch was allowed in any% glitchless, like the Marowak ghost skip but was later prohibited from the category.

If the player talks to the Bike Shop owner in Cerulean City while pressing B through the dialogue, it will temporarily enable the normally inaccessible instant text.

The instant text will persist until:

  1. The player opens the start menu.
  2. The player heals their Pokémon at a Pokémon Center.
  3. The player loads a Yes/No box.
  4. The player speaks with the Bike Shop owner again.


YouTube video by Shenanagans Smash


When the player activates the two message boxes with the price of the Bicycle (Bicycle ‎₽1000000) and the text "It's a cool BIKE! Do you want it?", the game sets bit $6 of memory address D730 in order to instantly display the text. Due to an oversight bit $6 remains after exiting the menus with B.

A more detailed description of this glitch and other events that enable instant text (but are unaffected by the glitch) by Decon082 may be found here.

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