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Yoshi's Woolly World (Wii U)
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This article describes glitches in Yoshi's Woolly World, a game outside the Pokémon franchise. See Non-Pokémon glitches for a list of non-Pokémon glitch articles.

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Yoshi's Woolly World
Yoshi WW Wii U title.png
Wikipedia link Yoshi's Woolly World
Developer(s) Good-Feel
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release date(s) June 25, 2015 (AU), June 26, 2015 (EU), July 16, 2015 (JP), October 16, 2015 (NA)

Yoshi's Woolly World (Japanese: ヨッシーウールワールド, Yoshi Wool World) is a Yoshi series platform game for Wii U.

Piranha Plant box freeze glitch

This glitch freezes the game and involves a Piranha Plant, and a present box.

Play World 5-3 up until you reach an area with two Piranha Plants on conveyor belts, and a box outline. This area is before a red sign.

When you get there try to make the box land on the carpet and then have a Piranha Plant land directly on top of the box. If you stay under the Piranha Plant while it is falling the game may freeze after it turns upside down to spit you out with a loud noise that lasts a few seconds.

The only way to exit the game is to power off the Wii U. The power button works but you must hold it down for several seconds.

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL

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