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Walk through walls glitch (ledge method)
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Miscellaneous glitches of Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Yellow

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The Walk Through Walls GameShark code has always been fun and useful to people. With this glitch you can do it without a GameShark.


  • Must be able and know how to do the Glitch City glitch.
  • Pokémon with high HP or a lot of potions (preferably both).


  1. Get all the Pokémon in your party poisoned. (It helps it you only have one Pokémon)
  2. Do the Glitch City glitch but stop after step four. Do this while keeping your Pokémon alive.
  3. Like you normally would you need to walk 500 steps but this time there is a twist. Your 500th step needs to be off a ledge. Again do this while keeping your Pokemon alive.
  4. If you timed this right then you should be in the Safari Zone entrance building, and be able to the walk through walls. But wait there's a catch, you cant leave. If you go into the Safari Zone you can't walk through walls anymore, and same if you go out into Glitch City. So how do you leave? Remember that your only Pokemon is poisoned? Walk around until your Pokemon faints.
  5. Your now at the last Pokémon Center you visited. You also can walk through walls.