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Union Room wrong-warping glitch
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The position to talk to the lady to enter the Union Room.

The Union Room wrong-warping glitch is a glitch derivative of Tweaking (and possibly other void glitches). It was discovered by forums user RETIRE.

The glitch involves the player warping to the Union Room with y coordinates as Y = FFFF FFFF (stored as effectively Y = FFFF), rather than the default (Y = 0000 0002).

When leaving the Union Room, it will warp you to Y = 0000 FFFF instead since all warps use 16 bit values instead of 32 bit. This in itself can be used for very specific glitches, and is the 'Union room warp.'

If the player resets the game, that being after saving by talking to the NPC activating the warp from above, you activate what is known as a wrong warp. When you talk to the lady, a map AND coordinate check is done. Since your coordinate is not an expected value, the game does not store the Union Room as the warp value when resetting the game. The bytes it should overwrite are located at [Base]+1488 which is coincidentally also used for Explorer kit, elevators and some other warps.

Since you can fully manipulate the Explorer Kit's location in the void, this allows for the player to warp to many different locations in the game (although only the first quadrant of the void, since all warps use 16 bit values), without the need of Tweaking other than to access the Union Room lady from above first.

Once this is done, all the player must do is enter the top floor of a Pokémon Center, after which a mapscript pushes the player down into the void. This should have been ran when you reset the game, but since you didn't warp to the top floor of the pokécenter the flag was never cleared. This allows you to Warp again within less than a minute, without tweaking.


1. The player must have entered the Contest Hall at least once.

2. The player must set up the Explorer Kit at a location based on the location they desire.

Technical description of warp

The player is warped to Y = 0000 FFFF, which will take the player to another map represented in the form [Base] + 1488, and where the player last used his or her Explorer Kit.

Pokémon Center second floor recreation steps

This method requires having performed a tweak above the Union Room lady at least once.

1. Enter top floor of any Pokémon Center (while not in void)

2. Move 4W

3. Move 15 N

4. 6 E

5. Graphic reload

6. Run down full speed

7. Graphic reload

8. Talk to middle NPC


YouTube demonstration

YouTube video by RETIRE