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Battling with Trainer class 34.

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) R 4. (33) TRAINER 4 (34) ゥ (35)
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TRAINER 4 (hex:34, dec:52) is a glitch Trainer class in Pokémon Red and Blue.

The equivalent glitch Trainer in Pokémon Yellow is 4! (hex:34).

It can be fought with the Ditto trick with a Special stat of 252 (hex:FC).

Trainer AI

  • As documented by TheZZAZZGlitch, this Trainer's secondary AI pointer is at $D040, and uses a 'move modification' routine that points to $FA58 in the Echo RAM region, which is part of the Day Care Pokémon data. If this data is harmless, it can fall through to $FA80; a copy of the data for the stored Pokémon in the PC, in which a bootstrap Pokémon setup can be prepared to abuse arbitrary code execution. The code at region $D040 may need to be adjusted to not freeze the game as well.
YouTube video by TheZZAZZGlitch

Roster data

  • As documented by TheZZAZZGlitch, roster 1 of this glitch Trainer is sourced from $A5A5 in SRAM, which can be modified by the user with relevant corruptions (such as corruptions from a glitch Pokémon sprite). The SRAM can be unlocked by viewing the status of any valid Pokémon.
YouTube video by TheZZAZZGlitch