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13 October 2019

N    15:37  Inaccessible coins diffhist +1,358 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs Mindlessly creating articles...
     14:56  (Upload log)[Bbbbbbbbba‎ (2×)]
14:56 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs uploaded File:InaccessibleCoins.png(Inaccessible coins in the Celadon Game Corner. Screenshot from
03:01 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs uploaded File:119.png(Underground path's inaccessible section, cropped from
N    03:47  Underground Path's inaccessible section diffhist +1,997 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs Mindlessly creating articles...
N    03:26  Freeze tile diffhist +39 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs Redirected page to Out of bounds#Freeze tile Tag: New redirect
 m   03:25  Out of bounds‎‎ 2 changes history+39[Bbbbbbbbba‎ (2×)]
03:25 (cur | prev) +25 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs →‎Accessing out of bound areas: Added an anchor.
03:20 (cur | prev) +14 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs →‎In Generation IV: Now that we have a more detailed article, let's add a link there.
     03:03 Move log Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs moved page File:119.png to File:UndergroundPathInaccessibleSection.png without leaving a redirect ‎(Immediately realized that I should not use such an uninformative file name...)

12 October 2019

 m   18:45  Professor Oak's lab music glitch diffhist +27 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs Changed the YouTube video to the published encode of the TAS, which has more information in the description. Notice that the "by gifvex" now doesn't match the uploader of the video; this is intentional, as I think it makes more sense to acknowledge the actual *author* rather than the uploader. Also added a category.
     13:37  User:Torchickens/CC57 stuff diffhist +72 Torchickens talk contribs
N    13:10  Slot machine behaviors (Generation I)‎‎ 2 changes history+9,661[Bbbbbbbbba‎; Ryccardo‎]
13:10 (cur | prev) +125 Ryccardo talk contribs cultural comment
01:20 (cur | prev) +9,536 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs When creating this article, I noticed many things that seem to be mistakes in Crystal_'s analysis and even the comments in the disassembly. I didn't do any research on an actual game (I've deleted my ROMs), so verification is welcome.
N    01:25  Slot machine glitch (Generation I) diffhist +60 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs Redirected page to Slot machine behaviors (Generation I)#Oddities Tag: New redirect
     01:24  Slot machine glitch diffhist -1,141 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs When we get around to documenting Generation II (and later) slot machines, this may need to be a disambiguation page, but redirecting to the Generation I page for now. Tag: New redirect

11 October 2019

     20:48  Talk:Main Page diffhist +681 Sherkel talk contribs
     20:43  Main Page diffhist +6 Sherkel talk contribs Trying not to overuse the bold. Best way I can think of to add a bit of emphasis with it already at the top.
     20:41  Glitch City Laboratories:Wiki tasks diffhist +268 Sherkel talk contribs

8 October 2019

     19:11  ZZAZZ glitch diffhist +185 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs →‎Effects: More correct description of the normal function of D11C.
     18:56  GlitchDex/RB:000 diffhist +612 Bbbbbbbbba talk contribs →‎Notes: Added explanation why the battle continues after catching. The "catching Pokémon sets the transform flag" tidbit actually affects multiple glitches (like LGFly), so I'm wondering if it should go to the Transform assumption glitch page.