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Skip to Level 100 Select glitch
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Major glitches of the Pokémon series
"Core" glitch Variants and Consequences
Arbitrary code execution see template, remote, cart-swap, unintended ROM code execution
2x2 block encounter glitches Left-facing shore tile glitch (in-game trade shore encounter trick, old man trick, Trade link up shore encounter trick, Fight Safari Zone Pokémon trick)
99 item stack glitch ­
Bad clone glitch ????? party overloading (Type 0xD0 move glitch, ????? map corruption, Celebi trick, Celebi Egg trick, Shiny Celebi trick, glitch move map corruption, overloaded party map corruption, Glitch Unown (Glitch Unown map corruption) Duplicate key items glitch (infinite items and item creation, expanded Balls pocket (TM/HMs outside of the TM/HM pocket, Glitch Pokédex categories))
Berry glitch
Bug-Catching Contest data copy glitch (Japan only)
Ditto DV manipulation
Elite Four door glitch (Japan only)
Expanded party encounter table manipulation
Glitch City Safari Zone exit glitch, RAM manipulation
Glitch meta-map script activation (Generation I)
Infinite Master Balls (Colosseum)
Large storage box byte shift glitch storage box remaining HP glitch, maximum stat glitch
Item duplication glitch
Item stack duplication glitch Generation I expanded items pack (Glitch Rocket HQ maps, Map FE (English and non-English European Yellow), Map script pointer manipulation (arbitrary code execution, map script pointer item ball manipulation), Text pointer manipulation (arbitrary code execution, item ball manipulation, mart buffer overflow), Trainerless instant encounter glitch
Transform held item glitch (Japan only)
Mimic glitch (Japan only)
Out of bounds Glitch City (Generation II) Slowpoke Well out of bounds corruption (French version)
Lumiose City save glitch
Pikachu off-screen glitch Trainer corruption glitch
Pokémon merge glitch
Pomeg glitch Pomeg data corruption glitch
Roaming Pokémon encounter glitch
(Mimic) Transform Rage glitch
Select glitches (Japan only) Closed menu: Dokokashira door glitch (international), Fossil conversion glitch (international), Second type glitch, Skip to Level 100 glitch, Trainer mutation glitch, walk through walls (international) Special menu: Lift glitch, Badge describer glitch)
Sketch glitch
SRAM glitch (Generation I) 255 Pokémon glitch, send party Pokémon to a new game
SRAM glitches (Generation II) Mailbox glitches, Mystery Gift item corruption, Trainer House glitches
Surf down glitch Grass/rock Surfing glitch (Spanish/Italian only) (adaptions: Submerge glitch (international), 8 8 (0x7C) grass/rock surfing glitch (English Red/Blue))
Time Capsule exploit
Trainer escape glitch Death-warp, Mew Trick, Ditto Trick, Experience underflow glitch
Buffer overflow techniques Japanese unterminated name glitch item instant encounter glitch, LOL glitch, Rival LOL glitch, Instant LOL glitch, RAM LOL glitch, oobLG, blockoobLG, Instant encounter infinite chain glitch (LGFly)), Super Glitch (Generation I) (party remaining HP glitch), Super Glitch (Generation III), Text pointer manipulation mart buffer overflow glitch, CoolTrainer♀-type move, Double distort CoolTrainer♀ corruption, Yami Shop glitch
Walk through walls ledge method, museum guy method, Rival's effect, Select glitch method (international), Brock Through Walls
ZZAZZ glitch party Pokémon box data shift glitch

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Please note that this glitch only exists in the Japanese versions of the game, or is otherwise a glitch
from a Pokémon game which was only released in Japan.
PRAMA Initiative a également une page sur Skip to Level 100 Select glitch.

The skip to Level 100 Select glitch is a closed menu Select glitch in Pokémon Red, Green, and Pokémon Blue (Japanese).


This glitch involves swapping a battling Pokémon's move 7 with another move with an ID greater than a particular value.

Move 7 is accessed via the selection of item 7, and since move 7 represents a Pokémon's first experience byte, it can be replaced with a value that enables the battling Pokémon to instantly jump to level 100 after a battle. The ID depends on the experience group of the Pokémon.


You need a Bag occupying at least seven item slots and an attack. Most attacks can be used, but there are some exceptions depending on the Pokémon's growth rate. To check up an attack ID, see The Big HEX List.

Below are the minimum attack IDs for a Pokémon's growth rate:

Medium-Slow: Attack ID is ≥17 (hex:11) or ≥16 (hex:10) if the second and third experience bytes are 2Ch, 14h, respectively, or higher. Example: Wing Attack (11h).

Medium-Fast: Attack ID is ≥16 (hex:10) or ≥15 (hex:0F) if the second and third experience bytes are 42h, 40h, respectively, or higher. Example: Gust (10h).

Fast: Attack ID is ≥13 (hex:0D) or ≥12 (hex:0C) if the second and third experience bytes are 35h, 00h, respectively, or higher. Example: Tackle (21h).

Slow: Attack ID is ≥14 (hex: 0E) or ≥13 (hex:0D) if the second and third experience bytes are 12h, D0h, respectively, or higher. Example: Tackle (21h).


1) Outside of battle, press select on the seventh item.

2) Exit the menu via B,B and enter a battle.

3) Press Select on the first-fourth attack provided you have the right move (see above for more information). This will give the identifier of your move to the Pokémon's experience byte 1 and you'll obtain the equivalent move for the old value.

4) End the battle by beating a Pokémon. If you run then you may be able to deposit the Pokémon in a box and then withdraw it, but you might get a Pokémon over level 100; so in order to fix that you'll have to win a battle with it.

Examples of Pokémon by growth rate

Medium-slow: All Pokémon part of a three stage evolution, except Caterpie/Weedle and their evolutions. Mew also uses this experience group.

Medium-fast: Rattata/Raticate, Ekans/Arbok, Pikachu/Raichu, etc.

Fast: Clefairy/Clefable, Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff, Chansey

Slow: Growlithe/Arcanine, Tentacool/Tentacruel, Shellder/Cloyster, Rhyhorn/Rhydon, Staryu/Starmie, legendary Pokémon, etc.


This glitch works because on the moves list you're swapping the cursor in the 7th position with the 1st-4th. The address for the fourth move is D136, while the (invalid) address for the seventh move is D139. This happens to be the address for the first Pokémon's current experience byte 1 (+a multiple of 65536) and this value doesn't have to be too high for a normal Pokémon at level 100.

When you swap the 7th move with the 1st-4th one, you receive an item with the same identifier as your current experience byte and the current experience byte gets replaced with the identifier of the move. For example, if your Pokémon currently has a current experience byte 1 of [02h] and you swap it with Wing Attack [11h], then the move will be replaced with Karate Chop (which has an index number of 2) and your current experience will increase by 65536*(17-02) (hex: 10000*(11-02)), which is equal to 983040 in decimal. If you're using a medium-slow, medium-fast or fast growth rate Pokémon (see Bulbapedia's list of Pokémon by experience group article to see which Pokémon uses which), then its experience will cap to 1059860 as long as the species bytes match (the donor byte, e.g. poké 1: D124 manages max experience and the recipient byte e.g. poké 1: D12B manages growth rate), but for a Slow growth rate Pokémon, you need a higher value, such as 13h (1245184).


The glitch was likely known in Japanese circles in the past and was later documented by Cl0vis15 on "davidwonn.kontek. net".

It was also referenced on the main Pokémon website.


YouTube video

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL