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Pokémon merge glitch
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What if you could give nearly any attack to any Pokémon without cheating devices? What if you could make one Pokémon have the stats and type of another? What if you could essentially combine two Pokémon into one, with the species of one Pokémon and the characteristics of another? The Q Glitch - the newest big discovery in the field of RBY Pokémon glitches - allows you to do all that and more.

To perform the Q Glitch, you first need to have a certain Glitch Pokémon - Q on Yellow Version, Magikarp and a Rhyhorn. Their stats can be seen below:


Let's say you wanted to give the move Horn Attack to a Magikarp. First, you would select an empty box on the PC, and deposit a Pokémon in the box. (Any Pokémon will do; I'll use Rattata for this example.) Next, deposit your Q or Charizard 'M in the box. After that deposit the Pokémon that you want to gain the new moves, in this case Magikarp. Finally, deposit the Pokémon with the moves you want the other Pokémon to have, in this case Rhyhorn. After depositing these Pokémon, the contents of your box would be this:

  • Rattata
  • Q/Charizard 'M
  • Magikarp
  • Rhyhorn

However, because a Q or Charizard 'M causes all Pokémon below it to become invisible, the box would look like this:

  • Rattata

Keep in mind that the CANCEL button is really your Q/Charizard 'M, and the three blank spaces are Magikarp, Rhyhorn, and the CANCEL button, respectively. Now, withdraw the Rattata (or any other Pokémon above Q/Charizard 'M.) You have just combined the two Pokémon. The contents of the box should now be this:

  • Q/Charizard 'M (Q/Charizard 'M)
  • Q/Charizard 'M (Magikarp)
  • Magikarp (Rhyhorn)

The names in parentheses show which Pokémon each of these really is. Your Rhyhorn has now become a Magikarp, and your Magikarp has now become a Q or Charizard 'M. However, these Pokémon have retained their own stats. Their stats should look like this:


What's this? You have a Magikarp with the stats and name of a Rhyhorn! What kind of a freakish hybrid is this? Actually, this is what glitchologists call an unstable hybrid. It is unstable because it its identification data has been mixed up, and it is no longer a normal Pokémon. Hybrid Glitches could also be considered unstable hybrids because they have some of the data of another Pokémon. This unstable hybrid wasn't exactly what you were wanting, right? You wanted a normal Magikarp with Horn Attack, right? Well, there is one way to stabilize these hybrids - evolution. When this Magikarp becomes a Gyarados, its stats will become those of a normal Gyarados, but it will retain its altered moves. This Gyarados is now a perfectly stable, normal Pokémon. Stabilizing hybrids by evolving them is improtant if you want to trade them to Gold/Silver/Crystal Version because unstable hybrids will be blocked by GSC's error trap just as if you had tried to trade a Glitch Pokémon.

If you want to do this glitch for yourself, just replace the Magikarp and Rhyhorn in this demonstration with any other two Pokémon. The possibilities with this glitch are virtually endless, so just play around with this glitch and get a feel for how it works.