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No expanded party international Select glitching
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Using the map size walk through walls or its related exploit (map size memory corruption), it is possible to glitch the current position on the Start menu. Pressing down may bring the cursor back to the top of the menu (Pokédex), where the player can continue to proceed to the party (or items, although the player may already have the expanded item pack at this point).

Upon opening the party, the cursor will be beyond the normal limits based on how many Pokémon the player has (normally 1-6). For the Red/Blue Vermilion City method, this may be at party Pokémon 235.

This glitch therefore allows the player to switch Pokémon for the English equivalents of closed menu Select glitches without an expanded party glitch (e.g. Super Glitch, 255 Pokémon glitch necessary). The player must have more than one Pokémon, or the switch option will not work properly.

Additionally under unknown circumstances, the currently selected Pokémon may reset to another value but when this does not occur, a set number of counts up will work. When a Pokémon is selected with "switch", pressing down will bring the party position back to slot 1.

If closing the menu freezes the game or has a problematic side effect, then the player may perform the switch in a specific map (e.g. Day Care man's house) and save/reset the game before the menu closes to secure the corrupted values (e.g. D710 fossil Pokémon for international fossil conversion glitch) created by the Select glitch.


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