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Jubilife Condominiums floors 3 and 4
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In addition to the first and second floors of the Jubilife Condoniums building in Generation IV, unused map data exists for an additional two floors. These maps are tentative data for a third and fourth floor respectively, as stairs lead up or down to link the respective maps, although for unknown reasons these floors were never included within the normal gameplay of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and Pokémon Platinum. The third floor also has stairs which lead downwards to the ordinary second floor, although stairs which lead upwards to the third floor were never added, hence floors three and floor four are inaccessible.

These maps use the Town Map header "Jubilife City" and could be considered as being partially, if not fully complete. Collisional data is fully programmed, as well as tileset data. Unusually, both maps use music for a Gym instead of the typical Jubilife City theme. This may suggest that a Gym in Jubilife City was originally planned to be included in the final game but perhaps converted, if its floors, presumably two but perhaps more were converted into maps for other map locations.

Third floor