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In addition to the first and second floors of the Jubilife Condominiums building in Generation IV, unused map data exists for an additional two floors. These maps are tentative data for a third and fourth floor respectively, although for unknown reasons they were never included within the normal gameplay of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and Pokémon Platinum. The third floor and fourth floors have stairs which lead downwards to either the second or third floor respectively, although stairs which lead upwards to the third floor and fourth floor were never added to floors two and three, hence floor four cannot be accessed via floor three.

Both floors three and four use the Town Map header "Jubilife City" and could be considered as almost being complete. Collisional data is fully programmed, as well as tileset data.

Third floor

The third floor of the Jubilife Condominiums building. Note the existence of two NPCs facing southwards towards the wall and a lack of stairs leading upwards to the fourth floor.

The third floor is visually identical to the second floor, although no NPCs are sitting at any of the tables. Instead, there are two NPCs, one who appears to be based on a typical Lass and another who appears as a bulky male character. Both NPCs are facing downwards directly towards the wall and are positioned two steps away from each other. The default music for this floor is the typical Jubilife City theme.

When spoken to, the male character responds with the dialogue string "I can trade Pokémon around the world with Nintendo WFC... Just hearing that gets my heart racing!" and the female character responds with "The world you can reach with Nintendo WFC... I can't tell if it's huge or small."

Fourth floor

The fourth floor of the Jubilife Condominiums building. Note the existence of an unused blonde haired character.

The fourth floor is visually identical to both the third and second floor, with the exception of a blonde girl, who is facing southwards towards the leftmost table. If the player speaks to the girl she will respond with an unused dialogue string "You managed to come out here? That takes focus! For someone like you, this might be perfect." It is notable that two spaces are used between the words 'this' and 'might'; an example of a grammatical error. After speaking with the player, she will give him or her a Focus Band.

Unusually, the default music for the fourth floor is associated in the final version of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl with a Pokémon Gym. Other maps using the Gym Leader theme have also been found in Jubilife City via Tweaking, although this is currently the only valid map found, as others appear to be mainly blank maps, which will cause a freeze ('BSoD') if data regarding the map's size, default tileset, collision data and event data is reloaded. For this reason, it could be suggested that this map may have once been planned to be associated with a theoretical Jubilife City Gym in an earlier build of Diamond and Pearl.